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  • 1000 Miles Away From You

    It`s hard to say I love you When we live so far away It`s hard to make you happy When we need each other all day But there`s one thing I know I don`t wanna lose your smile and be alone I know you have to think About this situation...

Lykathea Aflame

  • Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame

    Again he`ll find himself in silence and solitude, again he`ll rise from land of sadness, again he`ll begin to shine for your eyes.


  • Bobby

    Bobby, I`m glad your`re not alive to see this Selassie, somehow I know that you can feel what`s going on Johnny, some dreams are harder to remember Mommy, we`re losing you when we need you more than ever Families die but some...

Das Phantom Der Oper

  • Das Phantom Der Oper

    (Christine) Er sang sobald ich schlief und kam mir nach... mir schien das er mich rief und mit mir sprach...

Dashboard Confessional

  • A Plain Morning

    It is yet to be determined,
    but the air is thick,
    & my hope is feeling worn.
    I`m missing home,
    & I`m glad you`re not a part of this,
    there are parts of me that will be missed.
    And the phone is always d...

Ани Лорак

  • Ария Фаншетты

    Зачем ты ко мне явился, Молоденький пастушок. Обещал на мне жениться, Но оставил свой рожок. На лужайке за тёмным лесом, Ты играл другой мотив, С неподдельным интересом, А теперь ты со мной ленив. Динь-дилидон-дин-дили, Это был плохой звонок.

Rocio Jurado

  • Como Una Ola

    Grabe tu nombre en mi barca
    Me hice por ti marinero
    Para cruzar los mares
    Surcando los deseos.


  • I Wanna Be

    I Wanna Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be I Wanna Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be I Wanna Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be I Wanna Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be (Be, Be, Be, Be) I Wanna Be, Be, Be Far Away, Ay, Ay So I Can Be, Be, Be There ...

Busta Rhymes f Greg Nice

  • Dangerous 12

    [Greg Nice] Hella hella hella 1997 style, hey hey hey hey What what? Hey hey hey hey Hey hey hey hey hey hey [Busta Rhymes] Greg Nice, Busta Rhymes in the place to be And for the whole entire world to see Fuckin up your whole entire par-ty Ch...

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