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Raulin Rodriguez

  • En Un Cuarto Dos Amantes

    le que un tema y voy a terminar con esta..

    En cuarto dos amantes
    conversanban de los dos
    mientra sus caras lloraba de yantos
    humedecien con dolor

    Cuanto siento marcharme
    tenemos que resoltar

Wyclef Jean f Buju Banton

  • Who Gave the Order

    I`m Buju Banton with the preacher`s son Who gave the orders For them to go, alright Who gave the orders Martin was shut down, ah, alright Who gave the orders To drop the bomb, we wanna know Who gave the orders No refugees across the borders, yeah Que...

Александр Альшанский

Perry Como

  • ( Get Your Kicks On ) Route 66

    Mister . . . you may . . . have travelled near or far,
    But you haven`t seen the country,
    `Till you`ve seen the country by car!

    Mister . . . may I . . .


  • 7th Avenue

    Yeah you, you look like trouble You, you`re always dancin` Look who`s fashion conscious True always romancin` Out until the sunlight Nothing else to say Puttin` out `til morning Well then just walk away I`ve seen your ...

Trace Adkins

  • (This Ain`t) No Thinkin` Thing

    (Tim Nichols/Mark D. Sanders) I been thinkin` `bout our love situation All this attraction in the present tense I`ve reached the only logical conclusion Love ain`t supposed to make sense This ain`t no thinkin` thing, right brain...

Warren G f Daz Dillinger, Kurupt (Tha Do

  • I Want It All

    [Daz whispering] This nigga to give it all to me with the cut *door knocking* [Kurupt] Get the door [Daz Dillinger] Yo wassup? What you need? Hmm? Yeah I`m out Hop in the `6-3 Chevy, countin boutin the heat Scapin thru the streets with my niggas bum...

Hammerstein Oscar

  • Happy Land

    Thiang: There is a happy land, far, far away, Where saints in Glory stand, bright, bright as day. [Spoken] In the beginning God created the-heaven and the-earth.

Stephen Folkers

  • Märchenprinz

    We can plant a seed
    And watch it grow
    Food enough to fill a table
    Running water down an overflow
    Eat as much as we are able
    But would the fruit turn ripe
    If the rains had never been?
    Chorus: Oh Lord deli...

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