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  • 2 Parts Gas

    Snakes & Bugs Rats & Thugs It`s a sweet Landscape for a sweet Rat Race Now We put up our traps And aome prevail who`ll wipe up the Guts of the impaled? That dark Haze on it`s Rabid Pace I think it`s safe to say It`s a weak landsca...


  • B2K IS HOT

    [Chorus] b2k got the ladies jumpin and keep the party bumpin and all my fellas thumpin like B2K is hot the party flippin and ain`t nobody trippin and all my fellas chillin [REPEAT] [VERSE1] Step in the party lookin tight tonight got all the ladie...

Tanted Roses

Beyonce Knowles, Mos Def, Sam Sarpong

  • If Looks Could Kill (You Would Be Dead)

    [Beyonce] Sweetness flowing like a faucet, body bangin` no corset Brother`s wanna toss it but they lost cause my game ain`t no forfeit Slicker than a porpoise and thicker than a horse`s Carmen Brown got the whole town speechless I stick to my thesis, I...

Darren Hayes

  • California

    I got a cottage with a sea view
    I got a regular summer tan
    I’ve been working up the courage to call you all year, ohhh
    There is nothing I can say
    There are no good words left anyway
    Besides people are cr...

Tanto Metro

  • Everyone Falls In Love

    Intro: Yo, I`m just giving out sounds Everyday I get up and a frowns Da one thing i no little girl Da one thing i wa give you some more Cho: 2X Everyone fall in love sometime I don`t know bout you but it ain`t a cr...


  • Country Blood

    Ahhh, yeah(country blood, country blood, blood, Southern blood, southern blood, southern blood) I was born with this here, ain`t nobody gon` take this here, know what I`m sayin` Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah It`s that country blood in my vain, thats wh...

Backseat Driver

  • Cut Brake Lines

    Verse 1: I had a dream I fell from the clouds Through the darkest depths of your heart And I fell to the ground Lied there and looked to the stars I jumped all for you The pain is unbearable Emotion is much stronger than The pain that I physically feel...

Master P f C-Murder, Lil Jon, Liberty

  • Who Them Boyz

    (Intro) [Master P] Motherfucking King of Crunk and the Don of rowdy music nigga) [Lil Jon] Yyyeeeaahhh! [Lil Jon] Hey (Hey) Lil Jon (Lil Jon) Hey Master P (Master P) [Master P] Uuuughhhh! [Lil Jon] New No Limit BME Click (What! 7X) Me and my motherfuc...

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