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Saragossa Band

  • Agadou

    Agadou Dou Dou Dou - Push the Pineapple shake the tree. Agadou Dou Dou Dou - Push the Pineapple grind coffee. To the left - to the right Jump up and down and to the knees Come and dance every night Sing with the hula melody.


  • And jesus wept

    Centuries of horror
    torment and pain
    Chained by his dogma
    still praying in vain
    The fear of God
    engraved deep in their hearts
    The preachers of purity
    still playing their parts
    Remember J.


  • All I Want To Do


    I don`t like the work but true i need the money
    My life is like a joke but to me is isn`t funny
    Peolpe all around, telling me what to do
    And all I want to do is stay at home with you



  • 65 G`z in a Jordan Briefcase (Intro)

    [A-Wax] Smokin` weed, yeah Sellin` D, ugh 65 G`z in a silver Jordan briefcase I`m doin` this here for all my dogs without release dates Pull hoes in three states Young B-I reps P-I-M-P M-C Lookin` like she wanna say Pimp Me Wanna pay for the Bentley? S...

Brooks and Dunn

  • Aint Nothing bout You

    (t.shapiro/r.rutherford) Once I thought that love was something I could never do Never knew that I could feel this much But this yearning in the deep part of my heart for you Is more than a reaction to your touch Its a perf...

Desert Sessions

  • Cold Sore Superstars

    Crawled back into bed, pretending to sleep Clammy in my jammies, dress is hurting its keep Maybe it`s the pills or the drugs or the booze Maybe it`s the fact that I want me to lose Think about a girl that knocked me off of my feet...

The Libertines

  • Boys In The Band

    You`re walking like you never seen the light You`re walking like it every night But I`ve never seen you dance, and I`ve never heard you sing So how can it mean a single thing It`s all so rudimentary You`re talking like your handy...

A. C. Jobim

  • How Insensitive

    How insensitive I must have seemed,
    when she told me that she loved me.
    How unmoved and cold I must have seemed,
    when she told me so sincerely.

    Why she must have asked did I just turn
    and stare in icy silence...

The Limeliters

  • A Hundred Men

    A hundred men went off to war ... a hundred men. Their hearts were heavy, their heads were high As they kissed the ones they left behind.

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