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Irene Nonis

  • Recogn-Eyez

    Hello? Hi! It`s me It`s been a long time Do you recogn-eyez my salty flavour I took the further smite It`s now or never Boy it`s too easy Don`t keep on runnin` far from me You run from me I...

World Inferno Friendship Society

  • The Evil Dance Of Nosliw Pilf

    Wake up Jon Gilch! My name`s Nosliw Pilf!
    I`m going to teach you a jig and it goes like this:
    Left, Right, up down, heel toe, to and fro!
    Up down, left right, heel toe, here we go!

    The evil dance of Nosliw Pilf!

Snoop Doggy Dogg and Master P

  • Snoop World

    [Master P] At ease I would like to welcome the newest No Limit Soldier Mr. Snoop D-O Double G, and he brings to the tank Money, power, respect, leadership, street knowledge and wisdom AHH YAH...D.P.G., yah D.P.G.

Snoop Doggy Dogg and Steady Mobb`n

  • Game Of Life

    Snoop: GAME that`s my thang and it ain`t no rules when you in this game [3X`s] Gunblast *gunshots* echo fast and all I seen was loose cash I hit the flo` & when they go I make sure I grab all the dough The Scene: Long Beach yeah ...


  • 59 Lyndhurst Grove

    There`s a picture by his first wife on the wall
    Stripped floor-boards in the kitchen and the hall
    A stain from last week`s party on the stairs
    No one knows who made it or how it ever got there
    They were dancing with chil...


  • All This Time

    All This time I knew some day you`d need to find Something that you left behind Something I can`t give you All these tears And like a night love disappears My heart`s so good for souveniers And memories are forever Chorus...

Meathook Seed

  • A Furred Grave

    Place to bury bone
    Time to crawl in hole
    I lay and wait,
    But by then it`s too late.
    Better off undisturbed.
    I lie...


  • ...Of Ruins and a Red Nightfall

    Life gains intensified pain to ascend within me once again
    Woe strikes through radiant light
    A quitus has conquered thy eyes
    The sequel of life

    Arising grievance rage through the eyes
    Of our existence a thous...

Die Frankencasanovas

  • Bay`risch Kongo

    Bayrisch Kongo Die Frankencasanovas Musik/Text: Philipp Simon Goletz Shams Musikverlag 1995 1.

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