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  • Game`s Up

    She has six swans singing in her sauna
    So she can`t hear what`s going on
    No she can`t hear what`s going on
    In the outside world
    In the outside world
    In the outside
    Bad black and white men
    Standing in the...

Verde 70

  • Azul

    Si alguna vez la lluvia mojo tus heridas
    si un dia la vida te golpeo el corazon
    si hoy la soledad dejo de ser tu amiga
    si los de arriba te golpearon donde mas dolio
    y el dia es gris y hoy solo estas azul talvez

Wild Orchid

  • 25 Days Of Christmas

    I want to take off some time,
    get the the world off my mind,
    and treat myself to a vacation.

    I`m ready ended to go,
    and I thought you should know,
    I wanna spend some time with ya baby.

    Maybe the...


  • Sacred

    -peak Billboard position # 20 in 1961 -Words and Music by William Landau and Adam Ross Sacred (whoa-oh-whoa) Our love is sacred (whoa-oh-whoa) Church bells were ringing On the Sunday we met (ah, ah, ah, ah) (Heaven) (Heaven was sm...

John Hiatt

  • (No More) Dancing In The Street

    Out in the street They`re tryin` to arrest my friend They put him on ice now twice But he`s back again Well he did that dance in Harlem All across the USA From the [Tapanzee?] To the Golden Gate He was an animal all the way Bu...


  • Bridge Of Snow

    Travelling... lands of Snow I came across a bridge of choice Meeting... The One below Recognizing his unique Voice Doubts on the bridge of Snow Crossing or not is the question All that remains is hiding Seeking for a solution Go...


  • Good Day For Dying

    I walked around people passed the sun went down it changes fast and through my days I`ve found some ways to hide my thoughts but what`s the cost and if I may leave a trace just pretend.

American Idol

  • (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural WomanK

    Looking out on the morning rain I used to feel uninspired And when I knew I had to face another day Lord, it made me feel, made me feel so tired Before the day I met you, life was so unkind But you`re the key to my peace of mind ...

Castro Cristian

  • Lloran Las Rosas

    LLoran las rosas el rocio ya se ha convertido en lagrimas te me has ido... te he perdido lloran las rosas Llora mi alma .. va gimiendo con las alas recortadas te me has ido..

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