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Shocking Blues

  • Mighty Joe

    Be carefull girls for Mighty Joe be carefull ! He teaches you all that don`t know. He makes you cry before it`s through and I bet you like it too.

Shoes For Paul

  • Cigarette Girl

    I fell in love with the cigarette girl She walked right by me, made my toes all curl She`s just so perfect, that I come undone And I believe that I have found someone She works downtown in a discotheque I only got in, `cause I loo...

Reckmann Tim

  • Pictures On The Wall

    (T. Reckmann) I taste your smell And I want see your shine And I`m thinking Don`t know what I do Then I`m taking just a pen And write songs for you. All the pictures on the wall Seems to me like blinking eyes.


  • Bloodline

    [MB: this song, *Bloodline* was the worst of the three to get. There are parts that are whispered so low I can`t make them out under the music, maybe 50% I could say I was certain of. Here goes:] Come on, I need easing.

Shola Ama

  • (I Don`t Know) Interlude

    (I don`t Know) I don`t know why I`m waiting for loving And I don`t know why Your kiss makes me burn Every time I see you I`m longing For you to just stop Listen and learn `Cause I don`t know why You take my love for granted And I ...

The Deal

  • 10 Cent Unity

    Look at this scene through Christian eyes Seems like i don`t fit in You don`t know where I`m comin from And you don`t know where I`ve been I see the same things all the time You think your claiming what is right But it seems to us...


  • Choose this Day

    [Ochoa / Roberts] Wasted time my friend Don`t` you know we`re in the bitter end He`s coming back again To save us all from this world of sin Christ the Savior, He`ll set you free Christ died for Sins Come and receive Rise It`s yo...

benatar pat

  • 7 Rooms Of Gloom

    (Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland) (Originally performed by the Four Tops) I see a house, a house of stone A lonely house, `cos now you`re gone Seven rooms, that`s all it is, seven rooms of gloom I live with emptiness,...

Hot Boys f Baby

  • Do Whatcha Do

    [B.G.] When I shine - I gatta shine right My Roley ain`t gon` winde at all if it don`t winde right When I hit the second line I gatta fuck it up T.V.s - loud sound and dubs is a must Y`kno Lil` Geezy gatta stunt - it`s in my nature If you ball - then d...

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