My Edge of The Razor — текст песни (John Hiatt)

Weve been training

Now we look like each other

Face down and

Booked and printed for young lovers

Even as I write out of this song

The ink wears off but the beat goes on


I pledge my edge of the razor

No minor league night in the majors

Even though we cut up, we can really cut em down

Though youre sharper than me, its too late to turn around

Heavy trading

On the floor at the market

A million keys for my heart

But theyll never unlock it

We played for laughs now love is the prize

If were playing for keeps, keep these tears from my eyes



One slice of life

One lovers lane

One man and a wife

Not taken in vain

While theyre cutting deals with grim reapers

Tell me, whered you get those peepers

Well I filling out all the pages of this questionaire

But I left out all the details of this affair

Theyll never get it down on the books

So theyll never know how much it took


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