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  • Give me love

    Give me, give me, give me, give me love Give me, give me, give me, give me love Give me love Give me all that you`ve got Give me love Give me all that you`ve got (Give me love, you know that I need you, baby) Give me love Give me all that you`ve got ...

Elephant Man

  • BlasГ©

    [Intro] BlasГҐ Yep, everybody dance now John [Chorus] Chris, me and di dancehall crew a say, everybody a do di blasГҐ People a practice night and day, fi do di blasГҐ In Asylum on Monday, everybody a do di blasГҐ Dance di blase u...

Jennifer Hanson

  • All Those Yesterdays

    They say you cant hold on To time when its gone But somehow Ive saved All those yesterdays And theyre bittersweet Every memory Back when we both made All those yesterdays Threads of hope and sorrow Wind around our hea...

Sista (Missy Elliott)

  • I Don`t Mind

    [Timbaland] Yo baby I see you lookin` at me Word up, just talk to me And tell me what`s on your mind, haha [Missy] When I`m alone, I close my eyes To think of you by my side When I`m asleep, I always dream That you and me were doing our own thang So i...


  • 1 2 Many

    One wa wa One One Two One Two One wa wa One One Two One Two One tigga One One Two One Two (Dug Infinite) Dug Inf on production my man Com for the discussion Check it (Common) One day I was tryin to be myself The same day...

South Park Mexican f Baby Beesh, Grimm

  • Somethin` I Would Do

    (SPM) I ain`t got the last two sentences to this verse (Grimm) Then just freestyle it (SPM) Alright, I can do that First Verse (SPM): Bring it back, drop the top on the `Lac Screw put the tap on the wet Fatback Got the black gat, can`t come wack `M...

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza

  • Basement

    My eyes see static, I`m blinded by white lights. scratched into my retinas. It`s the sight of death and satan is calling. Papa I`m coming home and if I die your coming with me. When I die, I`ll take you with me. There`s a pentagram carved in my hand.

Sole` f Miss Toi, Bobbi Bosselina

  • Iy Yi Yi

    [Intro - Sole`] Yeah, yeah, yeah Sole`, never saw me comin`, uh My brigade, some bad bitches 1 - [Sole` & Bobbi] If ya get doped with bezels Your neck, wrist and fixed clothes You spit flows, your click roll And ride with Lorenzo`s, sa...

Scarface f WC

  • I Ain`t the One

    [Intro: Scarface] WC, Facemob, Southside, Westside C`mon now, ah c`mon now Don`t stop (screamin my name) don`t stop Southside, Westside, Facemob, WC C`mon now, c`mon now, c`mon now, c`mon now [Scarface] I ain`t the one, one is getting jacked for his f...

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