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Van Morrison

  • (get Your Kicks On) Route 66

    If you ever plan to motor west
    Take my way that`s the highway that`s the best,
    Get your kicks on route 66.

    Well, it winds from Chicago to L.A.
    More than 2000 miles of motorway,
    Get your kicks on route 66.


  • A Different Corner

    Id say love was a magical thing Id say love would keep us from pain Had I been there, had I been there I would promise you all of my life But to lose you would cut like a knife So I dont dare, no I dont dare cause Ive ne...

Yankovic Weird Al

  • (This Song`s Just) Six Words Long

    This song`s just six words long
    This song`s just six words long
    This song`s just six words long
    This song`s just six words long
    Couldn`t think of any lyrics
    No, I never wrote the lyrics
    So I`ll just sing any o...

Zakk Wylde

  • 13 Years of Grief

    You`re so fuckin` tough, so motherfuckin` bad 13 years of grief is all your folks ever had Just an ignorant cunt, talkin` such shit Tryin to act like a man, you little fuckin` punk kid (CHORUS) Yeah Son, look at you now Yeah...

Аркадий Дубинчик

  • Icerunner

    Аркадий Дубинчик

    Am H7

    Над субботней Москвой догорает закат,

    E7 Am

    Купола - как конвой за спиною зека,


A Static Lullaby

  • A Sip of Wine Chased With Cyanide

    Glorify her smile Condemn his frown Choke on the phrases left unsaid Silver bullets that pierce my ears Shadows of demons melt my persona Taken from the memory of the darkess lock Can I walk amongst the slave chained to ...


  • 6 Figure

    [B.G.] It`s me, the B.G., doin` my thang Lettin` `em hang, I represent bangity-bang I gettin` off into shit you can not handle I`m settin` it off in this bitch, thinkin` of scandals `Bout my paper, 5 figures and up with the red be...

Common Sense

  • 1, 2 Many

    [Featuring Dug Infinite]
    One wa wa One One Two One Two
    One wa wa One One Two One Two
    One tigga One One Two One Two
    (Dug Infinite)
    Dug Inf on production my man Com for the discussion
    Check it

Dilated Peoples

  • Annihilation

    I annihilate your type if you violate [Malik B] 4x [Evidence] The beginning, yeah You know, it`s never too late to start over [Iriscience] Yeah yo yo yo I`m the type to sneak into your dorm and get shit warm I`m the type to spit on microphones and le...

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