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  • Буде так

    Зачарована була, зваблена тобою, Зілля зоряне пила, що зовуть любов’ю. Тільки ворожби таємний знак, дивний знак Нам сказав, що буде все не так… Буде так, як хотіла, як бажала - саме так, Як нам доля наказала - буде так, Я кажу тобі було і буде так, ті...

Gute Nacht Lied

  • Guten Abend Gute Nacht

    Guten Abend Gute Nacht

    Guten Abend Gute Nacht
    mit Rosen bedacht
    mit Näglein bestecktschlüpf unter die DeckMorgen früh
    wenn Gott will
    wirst du wieder geweckt
    Morgen früh wenn Gott wi...

Kobe Bryant f Tyra Banks

  • K-O-B-E

    * from his forthcoming album Visions [Tyra] Kobe, how many girls have said I love you? Not like `I love you Kobe!` like a fan But like, for real, like, baby, marry me I love you [Kobe] You`re sweet Once again (Once again) Flawless (Flawless) C`mon Ri...

Will Smith featuring Camp Lo

  • Big Willie Style

    Intro: Sonny Cheba yes at the start of the new jiggyness with the Trackmasters Camp Lo and Willie gon` give it to ya know what I mean lot of macoronis here check it out for all the tenderonis ah ha ha like chatchy and joni Verse 1: Will Smith lights...

Buck Owens

  • Abilene

    [ Doyle Holly ] Abilene Abilene prettiest town I`ve ever seen Women there don`t treat you mean in Abilene sweet Abilene I sat alone most every night watched the trains pull out of sight Don`t I wish they were carryin` me back to ...

Out Crowd, The

  • Apple

    Skin Cringe Touch Fuck Love Lust Tongue Trust You sell your innocence for the sweetest taste The taste of growing up Gave him your innocence to settle in Settle in his in-crowd Regret Bleeding Hurting Needing Laughing at you At what you`d do Doing an...


  • A Day At A Time

    Living a day at a time be the rhythm that fit
    That way Iґm always quick to predict a glitch
    Building a house brick by brick and bit by bit
    Living a day at a time, a day at a time
    Living a day at a time be the rhythm that ...

White Boy f B-Lo (Do or Die), Kanye West

  • You Know (Remix)

    [Intro - Background Vocals and Kanye West] You know, oh you know, I just want you to know Turn me up, turn me up loud to, loud l-l-l-l-loud, yea, yea! [Chorus x2] I just want you to know, I just want you to know I just want you to know, this boy here ...

King Tee f DJ Pooh

  • Act a Fool

    (intro) Ko rock stuff(scracth) Dj Pooh: I like to make funky beats and record`em Sell`em to the top MC`s that can afford`em Back in the days at school in our pavilion Bangin` on the desk makin` beats worth a million Still in the groove with all the be...

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