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Faith Hill

  • A Mans Home is His Castle

    (ariel caten) Linda works the diner pourin coffee slingin hash She said, "i wouldnt have come in today "but I really need the cash "i know I cant fool anyone cause dark glasses tell no lies "but make-up ...

Keke Wyatt

  • Don`t Take Your Love

    Now baby you, you know my heart
    Better than anyone else
    And yes I know that it`s been hard
    But we always seem to work things out
    All we need is time

    Baby all that we need is time, to
    So don`t take your ...

LL Cool J

  • (NFA) No Frontin Allowed

    Mad madness
    brother from way back.
    We`re blowin mics since the days of 8-track.
    pull out the weapon.
    Your ho`s gets busted.
    Run your jules!
    Shootin up ...


  • A Magical Place (duet With Christopher M

    a magical place martika: you slay me you bring me hope in a world full of fear and you get me off to start that never stops like wild horses on a windy dau i feel you now and you`re blowing thru me like a melody within my heart, s...

Ella Fitzgerald

  • (I Was) Born To Be Blue

    Some folks were meant to live in clover, But they are such a chosen few. And clover being green is something I`ve never seen `Cause I was born to be blue.

Sonya C

  • Life Ain`t Nothing But a Game

    As I gaze out the window, I look at life Thinking of all the things I did some wrong some right But my mama did raise no fool, I thank god, I graduated High School I trip on all the things i`ve been through and if I make my dreams done came true but th...


  • Cocaine

    If you want to hang out, you`ve got to take her out, cocaine If you want to get down, down on the ground, cocaine She don`t lie, she don`t lie, she don`t lie, cocaine If you`ve got bad news, you want to kick them blues, cocaine Wh...

Dr. Dooom

  • Apartment 223

    Do not ring the bell, there is nobody home The spirits around will haunt you, do not ring the bell There is nobody home Apartment 223,(Scratch: I`m very hungry) (3x) Apartment 223 with body parts under my bed cut your abdomen out stab your fuckin le...

Absolute Beginner

  • Burna

    wang! die verbale faust saust vorfreude auf den beat, wie wenn du einen Joint baust und dann zündest du ihn an und du ziehst daran und irgendwann kommt es an und es mach bamm! wie der beat, der hier kommt und prompt alles zer...

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