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Snoop Dogg f Nelly

  • Girl Like U

    Yeah, yeah..un-uh, un-uh, un-uh, un-un-un-un-uh (ad-libbing) He strikes..He strikes again Check it.

ten foot pole

  • A.D.D.

    mommy what does hyper mean? teacher says i`ll never read she says i need to take a pill so i can learn to sit real still the microwaves did something to our brains we need to take these pills to help us change please let me take t...


  • Armageddon

    {Mighty Ha} Showdown, Armageddon Allah, yarkbar Chorus: Mighty Ha One to the chest, two to the back Three to the face with my gat gat gat Keep a close casket, made a son a bastard Got to stay strapped, put the Cru is comin back {Yogi} Loungin with my...

Dj Bobo

  • Angel

    Chorus: Youre my angel, you are always on my mind Angel, your love is like a dream I feel, love is changing everything Turn the winter into spring, angel Post-chorus: And when I close my eyes I feel those butterflies I n...

Michelle Branch

  • All You Wanted

    I wanted to be like you
    I wanted everything
    So I tried to be like you
    And I got swept away

    I didn`t know that it was so cold
    And you needed someone
    to show you the way
    So I took your hand and we f...

Noreaga f Musaliny-N-Maze

  • God`s Favorite

    [Noreaga - talking] Uh, (yeah), gangsta, killa (killa) killa beats nigga (beats nigga) Iraqians (Iraqians) Do it like this (send Iraq to the heavens) [Noreaga] Yo, yo, yo guns, wars, banana clips holdin Tec nine`s the wet clothin These niggas heard we...

Paul McCartney and Wings

  • Let Em In

    Someone`s Knockin` At The Door. Somebody`s Ringin` The Bell. Someone`s Knockin` At The Door. Somebody`s Ririgin` The Bell. Do Me A Favor, Open The Door And Let `Em In.

Snoop Dogg f E-White, Delano

  • Girls, Girls, Girls

    [Snoop Dogg - talking] Hey yo Fred Wreck Hey yo Fred Yo, I`m tryin to fuck with all them fly (Girls, girls, girls, girls) Oh yeah (All we really want is girls, girls, girls, girls) (All we really want is girls, girls, girls, girls) I`m lookin for a bad...

they might be giants

  • (She Was A) Hotel Detective

    1,2,3,4 Alright! Woo! Ah hahaha! She`s got her ear to the walls and she`s tapping the calls If you`ve got a secret, boy, forget about it, `cause she`s a Hotel detective My little hotel detective Yeah she`s a hotel detective Why...

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