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Disturbing Tha Peace f Twista

  • Golden Grain

    [Shawnna] Shawnna kick hot shit for bitches that got they baby daddies locked in the pen gone; fittin to rot cause he did wrong Run up on the cops and he hit `em with the glock left his wig home Sellin rock on the big phone In the projects niggaz run u...

Gay Briel

  • La Mia Zietta Pina

    La mia zietta Pina Era una signorina Annamose a zaz Parapapom Pom Pom Parapapom Pom Pom



  • 2nd2:1 (You never gave me your love)

    I know I said I do I love you too and I am your`s and you are mine

    that I`d climb K 2 - timin` you believed in every lie

    `cos baby :
    you never gave me your love
    but maybe:
    one day we`ll meet in another...

Sticky Fingaz

  • Another Niguh

    [Chorus] Who are you to question, how I live When the whole entire world is negative I`m just tryna eat, tryna stay alive Keep my hustle in the street til the day I die [Sticky Fingaz] From NY, Southside where guns hide Shells fly, eyed red, I`m dumb ...

Blink 182

  • 13 Miles

    13 miles down the road lives a young boy he`s got jet black hair and blue-green eyes and he`s mine and every now and then, he and I would sit together on the porch and I take off his pants and I fuck him from behind And I love him for his heart and so...

Dr. Dre

  • A Nigga Witta Gun

    Who is the man with the masterplan? A nigga witta motherfuckin gun 44 reason come to mind Why you motherfuckin brothers` hard to find He be walkin on the streets and fuckin with mine Stupid punk can`t fuck with a mastermind See I never take a step on ...

Snoop Dogg f Goldie Loc, Mr. Kane

  • Hourglass

    [Snoop Dogg] Awww yeah This one goes out to all you muthafuckers out there That didn`t think we could make records that could bang in the club Ya that`s right All you ladies out there with the big butts with the long hair, the big titties, the pretty e...

Chante Moore f Da Brat

  • Exposed

    [Da Brat] It`s Tim and Bob again Chante Moore again All up in that, oww goodnes What`chu talking about? It`s so hot We can`t be stop Come on [Chante] Baby before you go Hanging out tonight Something you already know Don`t let them get you caught up E...

Mike Jones and Magno

  • Don`t Work U Don`t Eat

    [Hook - 2x] If you don`t work you don`t eat, you don`t grind you don`t shine No if`s and`s or but`s, bottom line That`s why I`m on a mission, to keep the paper flipping I got`s to get a house, before I start wood gripping [Mike Jones] Ninety percent g...

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