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A.I. Ravers

  • Anthem #3

    Inside Inside Inside Out
    Inside Inside Out Out
    Inside Inside Inside Out
    Inside Inside Up Side Down

    Inside Inside Inside Out
    Inside Inside Out Out
    Inside Inside Inside Out
    Inside Inside Up S...

Brad Paisley

  • All You Really Need Is Love

    So you say you wanna tie the knot And you`re askin` me if I think that the two of you have got What it takes to make it work Well one thing`s for sure All you really need is love Let me say I`m happy for you both And here`s a li...

Organism 12

  • Fеra Jag Lov

    men se pе fan, kors i taket
    en soff potatis som softar bakis i en lдgenhet som bara doftar lakrits
    vill inte ha nеtt om de inte kostar gratis ,
    jag skiter i imorgon tvдrt i mot din lilla nostradamus
    дter mej propp mдtt p...

The Lords

  • Poor Boy

    When I was born you know I couldn`t speak I`ll go My mother worked each day and she learned me to say. Mother and father and son sister and uncle have fun and she learned me to say life is so hard each day.

Александр Иванов

  • Боже, какой пустяк

    Я вижу небо, в нем тишина. Я поднимаюсь к небу, еле дыша. И вдруг понимаю, это во мне душа. Странное дело, это моя душа. Как нелепо жить вниз головой, Когда такое небо есть надо мной. И кажется звезды можно достать рукой.

Hieroglyphics (feat. Casual, Del, Tajai,

  • Off the Record

    Whooh! Yeah It`s the ones you know about The famous, magnificent Hieroglyphics, mega Always on the mic for MC`s who really don`t know what we doin It`s time to do it up We got Cas, we got Del, we got Tajai, we got A-Plus C`mon y`all, PLEASE can we get...

The Lost Prophets

  • Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

    get up got it all to high got it figured out wanna do whatever laugh until september and i seem to think that you are wanted with me maybe i was wrong you were movin on and i sit and wonder fallin under get my way or nothin wi...

The Lovin` Spoonful

  • Darling Be Home Soon

    Come And talk of all the things we did today Here And laugh about our funny little ways While we have a few minutes to breathe Then I know that it`s time you must leave But darling be home soon I couldn`t bear to wait an extra m...

Destiny`s End

  • Breathe Deep The Dark

    [To the Memory of H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Frank Belknap Long] I`m Obscure, the shadow black Alone I walk on the shunned path Centuries mine, reveal the past The unknown yawning black Treading the lone path others...

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