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Die 3 Tiroler

  • Hey Na Na Na

    Hey na na na hey na na na zum feiern find man immer einen Grund Hey na na na hey na na na und hommo oan donn gehts gewaltig rund Hey na na na, hey na na na heint is heint und morgn isch irgendwonn jetzt gehts Hond in Hond ins Supe...

Die 3 Zwidern

  • Werd Scho Werd`n

    Mei Weisheitszahn duad weh der Doktor sagt ohje er reißt mir gleich den Zahn heraus oh mei wie schau jetzt i bloß aus. Mei G`sicht is rot und dick und i werd boid verrückt.

Me`Shell Ndegocello

  • A Tear And A Smile

    When we make love I feel it so deeply When we make love I cry When you kiss me my lips they burn with fear For even a love that crowns may crucify In the cradle of creation between the hand of love I died and there you were I was ...

Die 4 Apostel

  • Zieh Dich Aus Kleine Maus

    Zieh dich aus kleine Maus, mach dich nackig, nackig, nackig. Zieh dich aus kleine Maus, zieh dich aus, aus, aus. Zieh dich aus kleine Maus, mach dichnackig, nackig, nackig.

Die Aerzte

  • 2000 Mdchen

    Ich ruf dich an sooft ich kann ich flster in dein Ohr oho... Ich kenn nur deine Stimme den Rest stell` ich mir vor oho...

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

  • I Don`t Blame You At All

    I don`t blame you at all `cause you played it cool You don`t owe me a thing `cause I played the fool No no no no no I`m only payin` the price for a trip I took to paradise `Cause I looked into a pair of eyes & what I thought ...


  • Black Acid Prophecy

    The narcotic priest vows vengeance
    Upon the righteous, with chalice held high
    Crushed by the cross held to dear
    Betrayed by their faith as they cry

    Communion complete, the masses helpless
    Servents in the...

Smokey Robinson

  • The Tears Of A Clown

    Now if there`s a smile on my face it`s only there trying to fool the public but when it comes down to fooling you now honey that`s quite a diff`rent subject.


  • Don`t Play Your Rock`n`roll T0 Me

    Don`t play your rock`n`roll to me That ain`t the way it`s meant to be I ain`t so blind that I can`t see Just let it lie and let it be Don`t play your rock`n`roll no Don`t play your rock`n`roll no Don`t play your rock`n`roll to me....

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