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  • A Burial At Ornans

    you, wander through the fields, your, sorrow, as I advocate the depression, stumble into the hardened earth and become engulfed by the seeds of plague, the sky submits to the colour purple, descending from above, the holy ghost, d...


  • Charlie

    Performed by People

    Do you wanna guess
    What you`re going to face?
    A little wicked man,
    With razord blades.
    his nails are dirty
    from digging lies,
    No matter how much money
    He`ll never be sati...

Merfen Orange

  • Jede Brucht Si Insle

    ja, de nmere no das abwschmittel u das brschtelii mir nme de gaschocher und das abtrchnitechlii und de velo vergssemere nid u mini velopumpii vo dene veloschlch u nhreno seiligumpii zucker u salz u batterie fre walkman ghre dry u ...


  • Copromantia

    Do you really want to know your future, Which is lying in the Darkness? Do you really want to hear The prophetic voice of Doom? Many kinds of fortune-telling Are deceptive dotage I possess by holy power Of the true divination.

Merle Haggard

  • (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers

    Oh, the love you promised would be mine forever I would have bet my bottom dollar on Well, it sure turned out to be a short forever Just once I turned my back and you were gone From now on all my friends are gonna be strangers I`...

Def Rhymz

  • Doekoe

    Iedereen houdt van Doekoe
    Iedereen houdt van geld
    Maar geld maakt niet gelukkig
    Maar mijn vriend Def Rhymz wel

    Boom surprise wie is d`r op de buis man
    Het is Def Rhymz en geen henny huisman
    Doe die tele...

Finley Quaye

  • Adorable

    Take me down to the river That we started to flow How can you be a flower? When you`re fighting the power With my hands on your hips I`m caressing your lips Your exceptional baby And adorable baby She lives out of her handbag With...

Disgorge (usa)

  • Compost Devourment

    Longevity compendium Layers Of epidermis pierced then stripped Muscles ripped then torn Absorbing the bodies fluids Consume on the decaying flesh Horrid cadavers are purged with pungency Rotting infested corpses I regurgitate ...

Disharmonic Orchestra

  • A Mental Sequence

    Guardian angels are working for me The devil and the deep blue sea I beat my heart and bend all trees By the end of the year I`m on my knees Such a precious little dream Can make a face behind a scream One or three holes in a brok...

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