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Freedom Call

  • Bleeding Heart

    Here I`m standing in the pouring rain All alone I feel a silent pain The dust of love it made me blind no way to see Can you see my bleeding heart Can you heal my heart We shared a life, a world of lies You are gone, no reason t...

The Bates

  • Be My Baby

    Be my Baby the night we met I knew I needed you so and if I had the chance Ill never let you go and if you say you love me Ill make you so proud of me well make them turn their heads in every place to go so wont you be be my littl...

The Baywatchclan

  • Bad Gisi Girl

    Bad Gisi Girl!Gisi is a bad,bad,bad,bad girl. oh a girl. Rap:A bad Girl! She is writing bad Lyrics and she makes fun of spelling mistakes! Gisi is bad,bad,bad,bad girl.

The B.c. 52s

  • Meet The Flinstones

    Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they`re the modern stone age family. From thetown of Bedrock they`re a page right out of history. Let`s ride with the family down the street through the courtesy of Fred`s two feet.

Евгений Бабенко

  • Азбучная истина

    Евгений Бабенко

    Мы смело начинаем с буквы А,

    Нам в этом мире всё (пока) по силам:

    И холмик алфавита - не гора,

    И радуга желаний не остыла.

    На тридцать три загадк...

Buddha Monk f Spiritual Assassin, War

  • The Prophecy (promo only) *

    * only appeared on the promo version of this LP [Buddha Monk] (Intro... intro.. intro...) It`s the Manchuz, come to get on thru It`s the Buddha Monk with that slang that cuts All you other MC`s, it`s time for you to duck Other than the Wu, it`s who, ...

The Beach Boys

  • Barbara Ann

    Fassert A Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann (Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann) Oh Barbara Ann take my hand (Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann) Barbara Ann (Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann) You got me rockin` and a rollin` Rockin...

The Bears

  • 117 Valley Drive

    117 valley drive seemed like heaven when the band arrived with a couple of drums and a couple guitars we`d play our hearts out in my backyard and the people came from everywhere to put their plastic chairs in the summer air ...

Secret Mind

  • Already Dead

    do you know the silence this little thing its like a rare bird whos not allowed to sing. if you wanna hear the bird you have to go far. but you are just a stipid fucker who geos there by car.

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