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Lefty Frizzel

  • Brakeman`s Blues (yodeling The Blues Awa

    Portland Maine is just the same as sunny Tennessee Portland Maine is just the same as sunny Tennessee Any old place I hang my hat is home sweet home to me I went to the depot and looked up on the board I went to the depot and look...

Towdown f Big Pokey, DJ Screw, H.A.W.K.,

  • Country Rap Tune (Screwed Remix)

    [DJ Screw talking] H-Town know what I`m sayin? 3rd Coast We hold the most D.J. Screw in this bitch Know what I`m sayin? I`m right here with my niggas Big H.A.W.K.

Boyd Rice And Friends

  • Tripped A Beauteous Maiden

    Down a winding pathway
    In a garden old
    Tripped a beauteous maiden
    But her heart was cold
    Came a prince to woo her
    Said he loved her true
    Maiden said he didn’t
    And so he ceased to woo

    Came a...

gershwin george

  • i got plenty of nothing

    George Gershwin: Porgy and Bess Porgy`s song / Act II/ scene1: | | | | |... Oh I got plenty o` nuttin`...

Hot Water Music

  • Better Sense

    to shed skin and begin an intake that will make a difference in clear thinking for conquering any fear that is thrown in direction when at a weak point or time of suffering the edge won`t quit if there is no gibing in to what drag...

Bernard Lavilliers

  • Champs Du Possible

    Devant nous l`an 2000, quelques heures nous sйparent.
    Quel ordre se profile, quel rapport de pouvoir?
    Devant nous l`an 2000.

Down South Georgia Boys (D.S.G.B.)

  • D.S.G.B.

    [Pastor Troy Talking] Ay yo, yall know what time it is baby This ya boy P. Troy And I`m ready to represent to you baby Them Down South Georgia Boys And it`s on [Hook - 2x] D.S.G.B. (Repeat 4x) We them Georgia Boys D.S.G.B.

Mr. Lucci f Big Chiefa, Mr. Pookie

  • Half Steppin`

    (Big Chiefa) Hold ya tongue Cuz you might say something I might not like (Uhmm) And if you do Then you just might lose your life tonight (Don`t say nothing nigga) My big brother told me Never let a nigga fuck me (fuck me) And if I don`t He`ll never let...

DTTX f Lil` Rob

  • DTTX And Ese Lil` Rob

    [DTTX] Smash the dash, you know I`m all about the cash I burn it up like hash, Low Pro staff After that why don`t you tell me who you thought it was We just some felons, always keep bailing There ain`t no telling what we coming with next Large amounts,...

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