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Ani Difranco

  • 1,000,000

    the air comes off the ocean
    the city smells fishy
    the air is full of fish and mystery
    whispering who, what, when
    I am warning you I am weightless
    and the wind is always shifting
    so don`t hang anything on me


  • Alien

    I exist in a state of consistant transition
    plans shifting, with insuffitient ambition
    man listen, this is my advice
    die or fight, get caged in or take flight
    on the page inside the margin i make light
    appear in the...

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs

  • Li`l Red Riding Hood

    Owoooooooo!Who`s that I see walkin` in these woods?Why, it`s
    Little Red Riding Hood.Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,You sure
    are looking good.You`re everything a big bad wolf could want.Listen
    to me.
    Little Red Riding...

Zion I

  • Bird`s Eye View

    (Zion whispers) I got a bird`s eye view (Girl in the background) Hip hop, is so many things you can say about it, know what I mean? Like, on the real, hip hop is like, just, beautiful Hip hop is life [Verse 1] From the first time I saw you, infatuatio...


  • (Don`t Let `Em) Grind Ya Down

    People gonna make ya wonder if you`re right Keep ya wide awake and worried late at night Why don`t ya tell`em to beat it Why don`t ya tell`em to eat it Just a bunch of clowns Don`t let`em grind ya down Sons of bitches, crocodile t...

Cadaverous Condition

  • ...And Then Forgotten

    "everything is alright" you said "it was all just a joke" you smiled and I felt happy, I felt released but as I woke this dream did cease yet Carcassonne was never so far Sandra and a swastika it`s all so dog...

Brotha Lynch Hung f Loki

  • Loaded

    (Lynch): Now I`m the type of nigga that`ll leave a horse head in ya bed Sleep with ya wife, then commence to knifin` Get away clean with the scheme glock 17 in my lap As I creep away in the black Cadillac Cuz you know I got shit to do Fake ID, cuz I be...

Big L f Lord Finesse, Mic Nut, Jay-Z, Pa

  • Da Graveyard

    Intro: It`s the number one crew in the area. Big L: Big L be lightin` niggas like incense Gettin` men lynched to win tits I`m killin` infants for ten cents Cause I`m a street genius with a unique penis Got fly chicks on my dick that don`t even speak E...

Frankie Hi-nrg Mc

  • Quelli Che Benpensano

    Ruocco - Puzzo - Di Ges ed. BMG - Ricordi Sono intorno a noi, in mezzo a noi, in molti casi siamo noi a far promesse senza mantenerle mai se non per calcolo, il fine solo l`utile, il mezzo ogni possibile, la posta in gioco massi...

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