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modern english

  • A Viable Commercial

    Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop Da da die - chop chop ...

Dan Hartman

  • I Can Dream About You

    No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes I`m not hiding the remedy to cure this old heart of mine CHORUS: I can dream about you If I can`t hold you tonight I can dream about you You know how to hold me just right Moving ...

modern lovers

  • astral plane

    From michael@magick.net Sun May 4 10:33:25 1997 Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 16:25:41 GMT From: michael p mccullough To: guitar@OLGA.net Subject: TAB: Modern Lovers /// Astral Plane On Thu, 03 Apr 1997 16:12:02 GMT, in rec.music.makers...

Dan Hartmann

  • We Are The Young

    We`re the ones with the runaway eyes we`re the ones who can improvise. Give us raom and a hot situation we believe in positive stimulation.

Dan Hill

  • 14 Today

    14 today and you went dancing Music mixed with laughter And boys can be so insecure They made you drink a bit too much Everythings a blur of feel and touch Did he really like you How can you be sure enough 23 today and ...


  • All In All

    Waiting at the door for some kind of life
    You never step outside because the fears you fight
    can turn the day to night
    But only in your head
    And you say you`re the only one that knows
    Well I don`t give in to th...

The Agony Scene

  • Eyes Sewn Shut

    dead skin weathered lifeless and torn the eyes sewn shut and tounge form the mouth she lay bleeding scarlet stains ripped out the stiches his hands blasphemy


cocker joe

  • Angeline

    Well I`m work shy, I`m wild-eyed So shut that door when the baby cries And keep me well fed, give me warm bread Lay my body on a feather bed And spoil me, Angeline Get to work when the whistle screams, Angeline Maybe someday, some...

Big Punisher f Next

  • Sex, Money & Drugs

    [Next] Whoahhh yes (Next) Honey yes yes (Big Pun) Intro/Chorus: Big Pun and Next (Sex) Sex money and drugs (Money) Where I rest it`s all about whips honeys and thugs (& Drugs) See me run with the Playboy Bunnies up in the clubs But I ...

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