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Supreme DJ Nyborn

  • Versatility

    Verse 1 The Supreme One is my name and title Versatility describes this recital Of rhymes, I wrote `em, many will quote `em If this was an election, I`m sure you`d vote `em Number one, uno, no rhymes rate higher If I was rulin`, y...

Elvis Hitler

  • Black Death On A White Horse

    I`m not the king of anything Nor am I a god I ride like rolling thunder On a steed that`s poorly shod I steal from necessity I kill with no remorse Brave men run And hide from me I`m Black Death on a white horse I take women for m...

Shyheim f Squig Trust

  • Verses From the Arsenal

    If we goin platinum, next week we goin platinum [Shyheim] Uh Trees`ll die to make paper so I can write rhymes on em Niggas shoot up the studio tryin to kill me so I can`t record em I`m nuclear like hydrogen gases Push my buttons and I bomb the masses...


  • 2000 Miles

    did i miss your call again? no, you never called it was a thought inside my head. did i take the fall again? i shoulda payed attention to all the words you said. cause i lost today. i`m not okay. heartbreak, a fake smile, and 2000 miles.


  • Blown Away

    Verse 1: I got a lot to give You got a lot to take You`re like a shark inside You would eat me up alive I`d touch the devil`s lips I`d sell my soul to you Your wish is my command My desire is your demand Bridge: Take good aim My ...


  • Acid

    My brain fed with ecstacy Fills my need As i feel my body burst with great speed And i clench a needle in a blood drained fist Then i turn and mark another trip off my list A)Feel that rush,with that gold satanic dust feel that pa...

Naidoo Xavier

  • 20.000 Meilen Ber Dem Meer

    Wir sind 20.000 Meilen ber dem Meer Shne soweit das Auge sieht La uns gro werden wie ein Heer Seht gut zu, wie uns geschieht Du zeigst uns die Wege, du fhrtest uns aus dem Tal Erhr die gebete 20.000 Mal Gib mir den Morgen danach W...

Blahzay Blahzay

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Put out the word Blahzay as emerged Surged most prefered from the verbs and words I finesse, try your best to diagnose, when I host, you get roast, toast Bet grip bra when I rumble, you crumble My stuff is good like mo jungle soup Rappers getting sou...

Memphis G, Mr. Emp, Mr. Nigga (Tommy W

  • The Big Picture

    Hook: Mr. Nigga & [Mr. Emp] Whenever that ya die ya can`t take shit wit ya Some of my homies blind and can`t see the big picture [What ya gonna do when the riggamortis hit ya?] Now who gon` rescue your soul, [When the reaper come and get ya?] (2x) [V...

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