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Band De Soleil

  • Black River

    Black River deep and still in the summer sun a promise rise she will walk on before she runs The evening dream awakes honeysuckle sweet by day the levee breaks surround her like a wreath I`m not in love (Black River deep and still...


  • To Be

    Call me up and we can chat a bit I know you want to I see you watching me as I move Why do you stare? I hope you will Be my man tonight Yes, That`s what I want [chours] I want you to be The man for me Let me live with yo...

Justus Donner

  • Elektriker

    Morgens um siben fängt die Arbeit an, da schleppt der große Boss `ne Rolle Kabel `ran Den Blaumann rüber und `n Draht in`ne Tasche Ran an die Maloche alles andere ist Asche Chorus: Das sind Elektriker mit `n Steck...

Choke N Gag

  • Time To Die

    Time to Die by Choke `n Gag`er DEATH is by your side whispers, but he can`t quite hear people are everywhere laughing and smiling as death is drawing near never stop to think slowly lose your mind last wish is granted seen behind...


  • Blackmarker

    Feeling for a spot taking all I`ve got Reach out in despair grabbing into air You took it all too far And all this leaving scars Looking in my hands my piece isn`t fair Nothing ever is I no longer care You took it all too far And ...

The Honeydrippers

  • Sea Of Love

    Do you remember when we met That`s the day I knew you were my pet I want to tell you how much I love you Come with me, my love To the sea, the sea of love I want to tell you how much I love you Come with me, to the sea of love ...

Delgadillo Fernando

  • A Tu Vuelta

    L. y M. F. Delgadillo, diciembre de 1997 Hasta la fecha siempre hubo un maana y que es lo que hicimos de lo que seran nuestros dolientes caminos que esa tarde se dividan Hacia donde anduvimos sin buscarnos que limpios fueron queda...

The Honeyz

  • Do Me Baby

    Hi this is the Honeyz hotline We`re not here right now "Naima concentrate!" (sorry) Hi this is the Honeyz hotline We`re not here right now Please leave your name and number after the tone Lately I`ve been tryin` to find...

Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N)

  • Boys

    lyrics: G. Gross, C. Capek , A. Humpe music: G. Gross, C. Capek Hey girls, have you ever thought about About all of those little doubts That keep comin` up in a boy`s mind When you just smile, Cause baby, how should he know wh...

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