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  • Desert Star

    Mirror mirror tell me what you see You`ve known that guy For maybe fifteen years You`ve seen him laugh You`ve seen him cry You`ve seen him kiss Love and life goodbye Now ain`t it time to make a change Ain`t it better than to go i...


  • After All Is Said And Done

    I thought that you were working late
    But that was when I made my first mistake
    As you walk into the hall and sort all the clothes upon the floor
    It was too late
    She said she didn`t understand
    And then she cried she ...

Lavilliers Bernard

  • La Samba

    Paroles et musique : Bernard Lavilliers 1975 ditions Labrador 1 La musique a roul des tempos exotiques La dame du premier a pig la rythmique Et s`est mise danser la la la la Sur des airs des tropiques Et tout le grand standing a...

Lavin Christine

  • air conditioner

    From: David 6 AIR CONDITIONER by Christine Lavin CHORDS: Verse is just: Am - F E (repeated) Chorus is: F - Am - F - G - C - Am ...


  • 3 in the Head

    Do or die! (2X) [Run] Come on stand up, still-a, a nigga that`s gettin iller If you`re weak and/or you`re sleepin (then what?) you get the cap I peel up And til-I, I kill a sucker duck dope dealer Sold to my brother but the ghetto stands stiller Stil...

Hot Boys f Lil Wayne

  • Block Burner

    Verse 1: (lil wayne) Ha ha ha ha check it Its me thats creepin through the back And the black on black Lil soldier with a mac I bust back till it crack You see I ride tonight Bullets fly at night Lain tonight Wayne and get high at night And a high to...

The Clash

  • (In the) Pouring Rain

    (Strummer) I could see as I rode in the ships were gone and the pit fell in a funeral bell tolled the hour in a lonely drunkard slumbering not the twang of the guitar not even the siren wail of pain not the shadows of desire ca...

Lavoie Daniel

  • Belle

    *Daniel Lavoie alias Quasimodo Belle C`est un mot qu`on dirait invent pour elle quand elle danse et qu`elle met son corps jour tel un oiseau qui tend ses ailes pour s`envoler alors je sens l`enfer sourir sous mes pieds j`ai pos m...


  • cissy st

    CISSY_STRUT.TAB Cissy Strut by The Meters from the album The Meters. This TAB transcription was created using TAB MASTER version 1.0 Transcribed by Song format: 0. Say Ahhhhhhh YA with building volume 1.

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