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Wayne Jeff

  • Brave New World

    Take a look around you at the world we`ve come to know, Does it seem to be much more than a crazy circus show? But maybe from the madness something beautiful will grow, In a brave new world, With just a handful of men.

Combo Loco

  • Me Enamoro De Ti

    [Combo Loco]
    [Y para todas las niсas bonitas, ayayay El combo loco...]

    Me enamoro de ti, ya no hay salida
    aunque intentes huir estбs perdida
    Me enamoro de ti porque debo amarte
    porque escucho tu voz por tod...

Prime Time f Kangol Slim

  • She`s Giving Me Love

    (Prime Time) Whoa! Check it out, We got all my hounds in here, We gonna take it to the old school club version, ya heard me? Y`all know how we used to do it at Club 49 in the Big Easy, Hold on DJ, Stop that, stop that, We gonna do it like this here, ...

Todd Edwards

  • Face To Face

    Original song by Daft Punk
    (Bangalter - Homem-Christo - Imperatrice)

    What`s going on ?
    Could this be my understanding ?
    It`s not your fault
    I was being too demanding
    I must admit
    It`s my pride

Арон Крупп

  • Акселерация

    Арон Крупп

    Пристроились морщиночки промежду глаз

    И разные причиночки канают нас.

    И это недоделано, и то не так

    И изменяет тело нам, ох маята!


Capital 7

  • 2nd Place is Last

    Sitting `round the house
    Had nowhere to go
    My friend called me up
    Told me to come to a show

    I showed up there
    And I remembered my dream
    Where I was up on stage
    And I made my guitar scream

Othorized F.A.M. f Cappadonna, Cheesy Ra

  • Whyla Beneen

    [Crunch Lo] Take two and hold that, I control that flow The Wild West kid by the name of Crunch Lo With my F.A.M.

Wayne Sid

  • Its Impossible

    IT`S IMPOSSIBLE It`s impossible tell the sun to leave the sky, it`s just impossible. It`s impossible ask a baby not to cry, it`s just impossible.

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