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  • Conspiracy Theory

    (sample) 1979, all the fathers of nobel prize winners Were rounded up by United Nations military units alright? And actually forced at gunpoint To give semen samples in little plastic jars Which are now stored, below Rockefeller Center Underneath the i...


  • Standing In The Rain

    My head, it hurts Each day it`s getting worse My looks and smile Have now become my curse Tight lips, red skirt The neverending street Big car, little man My lover for a fee So if you see me will you just drive on by? ...

Snow Phoebe

  • Harpo`s Blues (i Wish I Was A Willow)

    And I could sway to the music in the wind And I wish I was a lover I wouldn`t need my costumes and pretend I wish I was a mountain I`d pass boldly thru the clouds and never end I wish I was a soft refrain When the lights were out ...

Billy Vera and the Beaters

  • At This Moment

    What did you think I would do at this moment When you`re standing before me With tears in your eyes Trying to tell me that you have found you another and you just don`t love me no more What did you think I would say at this momen...

Billy Walker

  • All I Have To Offer You Is Me

    All I have to offer you is me Before you take another step there`s something you should know About the years ahead and how they`ll be You`ll be living in a world where roses hardly ever grow Cause all I have to offer you is me The...

Meece David

  • Learning To Trust

    There`s a father in your sweetest dreams Who`s always there to meet your needs He never ever lets you down There`s a mother in your heart of hearts Who always plays the perfect part She never lets you hit the ground This is the ne...

Officer Negative

  • Pressure

    You joke and laugh And put me down Spit and cuss me With a frown Mocking things Behind my back Do we really need all that Hating me for my belief Is that the way ils suppose to be Where you talk of unity Jesus Christ will set you free The pressure is ...

Mega City Four

  • Stop

    Mega City Four Stop The further away I get The sharper are the lines You need some distance To help you redefine The harder I look at you The less you dissapoint I realize no one`s to blame Stop and listen You might hear something...

Snow Tom

  • We`ll Never Say Goodbye

    We share the days of laughter, we share the nights of sorrow, and in the morning after we face a bright tomorrow. Side by side we`ll always stand, spirits flying high. Long as I can hold your hand, WE`LL NEVER SAY GOODBYE.

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