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Jerzee Monet

  • Better Than That

    [TALK] Hello? Yo, look I need to talk to you I need to talk to you because umm Things just aren`t working out (Laugh) Yeah whatever We still need to talk though I`m better than that Yo, feel me It`s always don`t call, I`ll call...

Lost In Reality

  • Apologies

    An empty room A blinding stare A loss for words Two separate hearts now torn Now shattered dreams Are on the shelf A loss of freedom Or have you lost yourself? And even as my heart lies bleeding I feel for you I don`t need Apologi...


  • lets grove

    CBD - Let`s Grove - Bass Tab Common Time(4/4) Standard Tuning(EADG) MAIN RIFF: |------------|--------------| |*-----------|-------------*| |*-----------|-----2-r-0-2-*| |--0-r-3-5-3-|-2-r----------| 1 2 & 3 4 1 2 & 3 & 4 INTERLUDE: |-----------...

cease assistence

  • own cross to bear

    Band: Cease Assistence/INSTIL Tile: Own Cross To Bear Album: If It Depends On... Tabbed By: Quincy Heijboer Tuning: E A D G Intro G|:------------------------------------------------ D|:----------------------...


  • 1 State Of The World Address

    Just look at the state we`re in People at odds there`s nuclear fission Mad beef with technology Shit ain`t right, not like it used to be We pollute the air we breathe And the water that we drink Modern tempers rage and seethe Why ...


  • Admit It

    Good time, last night I must admit, I was frightened But you were cruel When I awoke, I was enlightened Will you admit it Will it show through your clear blue eyes When will you admit it When will you admit youre doing B...

Scene 23

  • All This Love

    (Oooh yeah) I had some problems And no one could seem to solve them But you found the answer You told me to take this chance And learn the ways of love My baby And all that it has to offer In time you will see that love Won`t ...


  • name of the game

    name of the game

    Staring at the ceiling while asleep
    Visioning in the future
    Troubled water all around the bed
    What if I would take the chance and jumped
    Maybe I would be the ki...

Marlin Lene

  • I`m Sitting Down Here

    I`m sitting down here, but hey you can`t see me

    Your words cut rather deeply, they`re just some other lies
    I`m hiding from a distance, I`ve got to pay the price
    Defending all against it, I really don`t know why

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