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John Cena f Trademarc

  • Basic Thugonomics

    So... you think you`re untouchable? [Chorus: John Cena - scratched by DJ Chaos] Word life! This is basic thugonomics This is ba-basic thugomoics Word life! {*scratching*} I`m untouchable, but I`m forcin you to feel me - Esoteric Word life! This is ...


  • 02202

    Song/CD:02202/Amyao Band/Performed by:Redcore Tabbed by/date: Vick garbugli/00/06/24 Tuning/others: standard G:------------------------------------------- D:------------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------- E:...

The Union f Jayo Felony

  • Mr. Peer Pressure

    Who we got out there tonight? It`s your nogga from California Lakeview, A-1 Whattup A-1, how you? I`m aight What can we get you tonight? I need some of that ruff thang That Jayo with a Felony, you heard? Aight [Jayo Felony] Uhh..

John Cena f Esoteric, Tha Trademarc

  • Beantown

    Big up Boston! [John Cena] Yeah whassup baby? We gon` do some things right now Show you how we do `em in the Bean, y`knahmsayin? N.Y.

Supremes, The

  • (Ain`t That)Good News

    (S. Cooke)

    Oh my baby`s comin home tomorrow
    Ain`t that good news
    Yeah, ain`t that news
    My baby is coming home tomorrow
    Ain`t that news
    Yeah, ain`t that news

    I got a letter just the other da...

The Beatnuts f Willie Stubz, Swinger

  • A Musical Massacre

    [Willie Stubz] Can I hit that? It`s Willie Stubz and Beatnuts, Beatnuts and Willie Stubz What up, real pimp niggas on the cut, what up Uh huh, let`s blaze it Yo check it out yo I hit the world unexpected like a meteor shower Twist L`s, Hennesey sour, p...


  • Friday On My Mind

    (Vanda/Young) Monday morning feels so bad Everybody seems to nag me Coming Tuesday I feel better Even my old man looks good Wednesday just won`t go Thursday goes too slow I got Friday on my mind Gonna have fun in the city Be with ...

Сергей Боханцев

  • А я свой город не люблю...

    Сергей Боханцев

    А я свой город не люблю

    За сырость, грязь и дым.

    Здесь я до ста не дотяну,

    Загину молодым.

    Да и кому не надоест

    Печально-серый снег?<...

echo and the bunnymen

  • Blue Blue Ocean

    One in a million one and the same looking for freedom born to be tamed Once in a lifetime one of these days gonna grab me a lifeline swinging my way I`m swimming out on a blue blue ocean you`re sailing out on a blue blu...

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