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Santana f Product, Wyclef Jean

  • Maria Maria

    [Product] 1- Ho Maria Maria, She reminds me of a west side story, Growing up in Spanish Harlem, She’s living her life just like a movie star, 2- Ho Maria Maria She fell in love in East L.A.

Tevin Campbell

  • Alone With You

    Verse 1: We were holding hands In the park We had to hurry home before its dark I cant wait to see your smile again And I love the time we spend I waited for the break of day to come So I could see your smile in the sun ...


  • (credits)

    1995 EastWest Records Produced by Rick Rubin and Mike Fraser. All selections by Angus Young and Malcolm Young.

Mystikal f Mia X, KLC

  • I Got The Hook-Up! soundtrack

    Chorus: [KLC and Mystikal] Twerk somethin` Shake somethin` Twerk somethin` Shake somethin` Twerk somethin` Shake somethin` Bring that ass over here Twerk somethin` Shake somethin` Twerk somethin` Shake somethin` Twerk somethin` Shake somethin` Shake th...

Townes Van Zandt

  • (Quicksilver daydreams of) Maria

    by Townes Van Zandt Well, the diamonds fades quickly when matched to the face of Maria All the harps they sound empty when she lifts her lips to the sky the brown of her skin makes her hair seem a soft golden rainfall that spills...


  • Cool Rider

    If you really want to know what I want in a guy
    Well, I`m looking for a dream on a mean machine with hell in his eyes
    I want a devil in skin tight leather, he`s gonna be wild as the wind
    And one fine night, I`ll be holding on t...

Mike Oldfield/Maggie Reilly

  • Moonlight shadow

    The last that ever she saw him
    Carried away by a moonlight shadow
    He passed on worried and warning
    Carried away by a moonlight shadow.
    Lost in a river last saturday night
    Far away on the other side.
    He was cau...


  • Back To Basics

    We`re going back, back to basics
    We`re going back, back to the neighborhood
    We`re going back

    I was 17 when I left home
    Went as far away as I could get
    Headed southward to the sunshine
    To meet people I ...


  • Finally Found Someone

    I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet
    I finally found the one, that makes me feel complete
    It started over coffee, we started out as friends
    It`s funny how from simple things,
    the best things begin

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