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Randy Newman

  • A Wedding In Cherokee County

    Out behind the smoke house in her rocking chair
    She don`t do nothin`
    She don`t say nothin`
    She don`t feel nothin`
    She don`t know nothin`
    Maybe she`s crazy I don`t know
    But maybe that`s why I love her so


  • Done To Me

    Look What You`ve Done to Me

    Hope they never end this song
    This could take us all night long
    I looked at the moon and I felt blue
    Then I looked again and I saw you

    Eyes like fire in the night

T Love

  • I`m Comin`

    Droppin dimes on a high diva got beats and rhymes
    I mean whatever man I be sort of like a reverand
    Said I`d be back one day severin
    Come now come all b`say sister and breddern
    Whether`n you got faith or not

Ultramagnetic MC`s

  • A Chorus Line

    Ultramagnetic [Ced Gee] Yo whassup yo We in the Ultra lab man We got this beat rollin man We might as well start this Chorus Line, y`all with that? [Tim Dog] Word up, yeah let`s do this shit man Let`s get on that [Ced Gee] Yo so how we gonna do this...

Van Morrison

  • (get Your Kicks On) Route 66

    If you ever plan to motor west
    Take my way that`s the highway that`s the best,
    Get your kicks on route 66.

    Well, it winds from Chicago to L.A.
    More than 2000 miles of motorway,
    Get your kicks on route 66.


  • A Different Corner

    Id say love was a magical thing Id say love would keep us from pain Had I been there, had I been there I would promise you all of my life But to lose you would cut like a knife So I dont dare, no I dont dare cause Ive ne...

Yankovic Weird Al

  • (This Song`s Just) Six Words Long

    This song`s just six words long
    This song`s just six words long
    This song`s just six words long
    This song`s just six words long
    Couldn`t think of any lyrics
    No, I never wrote the lyrics
    So I`ll just sing any o...

Zakk Wylde

  • 13 Years of Grief

    You`re so fuckin` tough, so motherfuckin` bad 13 years of grief is all your folks ever had Just an ignorant cunt, talkin` such shit Tryin to act like a man, you little fuckin` punk kid (CHORUS) Yeah Son, look at you now Yeah...

Аркадий Дубинчик

  • Icerunner

    Аркадий Дубинчик

    Am H7

    Над субботней Москвой догорает закат,

    E7 Am

    Купола - как конвой за спиною зека,


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