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Dolly Parton

  • (you Got Me Over) A Heartache Tonight

    Can`t say we`re lovers, can`t say we`re friends
    Don`t even know if I`ll see you again
    But against your warm body I felt so alive
    And you got me over a heartache tonight
    My heart was broken, my hurt was deep
    I h...

Eternal tears of sorrow

  • Another One Falls Asleep

    Red sparks fill the sky and they fall to the earth on fire The bright stars fade away and the moon is turning to red The dark woods of the valley whisper stories of an old witch Living on the great hill covered by ice and snow Th...


  • Alright

    [freeway] State property, roc-a-fella records This that feeling music you know We make that music you can feel early just blaze [verse 1: freeway] I went from the ghetto to the ghetto and Im back again And we doing it b...

Grateful Dead

  • 100,000 Tons Of Steel

    I know these rails we`re on like I know my lady`s smile,
    We see a dozen dreams in every passing mile.
    Can`t begin to count the trips she and I have made,
    But I wish I had a dollar for each time we`ve both been down this grade.<...

Hall And Oates

  • (She) Got Me Bad

    Well she takes her hair down slowly And starts her ride A silver Maranello baby Up to the hills faster than light She knows I shouldn`t be here, baby It turns her on There`s silk in her touch, gold in her kiss My conscience is al...


  • Beautiful U

    Verse 1
    Though I have loved it was never enough
    Until the day you came, I was not the same
    You brought the love out of me never seen, by anyone
    I can`t explain about how I`m feelin`
    You touched my soul, made me ...

Ja Rule

  • Murda For Life

    [Ja Rule]
    Busta ass niggaz
    Busta ass niggaz
    Let`s ride on they ass

    This is murda for life
    This is murda for life
    This is murda for life
    This is murda for life

    Hater, it`s murda

Kelly Clarkson

  • A Moment Like This

    What if I told you it was all meant to be? Would you believe me, would you agree? Its almost that feeling that we`ve met before so tell me that you dont think Im crazy when I tell your love is here and now. A Moment like this.

Luz Casal

  • A CadA Paso

    Voy por la vida hilvanando traspiйs
    Como una estъpida
    Y cada dнa yo pienso: "Esta vez serб la ъltima".

    No sй quй hacer, no sй como evitar
    Ir por el mundo asн
    Siempre dispuesta para tropezar

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