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Orange And Lemon

  • Armageddon Is Coming To Town

    She belongs to me
    And i belong to `She`
    Day and night
    We hold on tight
    And we will never be apart
    Looks like Armageddon is coming to town
    And nothing`s gonna stop us now

    She`s the girl in my dream...


  • Cry You a River

    [Verse 1] The moment you squeezed the trigger, I felt dissed How the hell could you be so selfish, the current events that led up to this moment You masqueraded your death wish, you ain`t think I had the mental capacity To comprehended your troubles an...

breaking spree

  • bruiser

    Breaking Spree BRUISER Intro, and half the song: G:------------------------------------------------ D:-------------2-------4-----2-3-5-5------------ A:----2----3-3---3--5-5--5-3---------------------- E:3-3---3----------------------------------------- ...


  • Broken String

    If I could find a way to change today the way I sing and how I play I couldn`t change a goddamn thing If I can`t change a broken string frustration gets the best of me vehemence will not let me be relaxed and gentle when I`m play...

Deana Carter

  • Absence Of The Heart

    I write you letters, but I don`t send them I just can`t figure out how to end them I try to reach you, you`re right beside me There`s something missin` and we can`t deny that We live together separately We don`t want to fall apar...

breech birth

  • dant dant dant doo doo

    Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 01:04:05 -0500 From: (Habib) Subject: upload:Breech Birth: dant_dant_dant_doo_doo.btab riff1 |----------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------- |-------5----7-7-7--------------...


  • cannon ball

    Cannon Ball By The Breeders Here`s an oldie but goodie It starts out w/ all the oo-ahs, then a little drum ditty. Now the bass A|:-2/13-13-13-13-:|:-2/13-13-13-13-6-6-6-6-:|-2/13-13-| the middle part is played during the verse.

H.O.T. Ones f Cam`Ron

  • Good Morning America

    [Don] I dont fuck no more Yeah nigga huuh? huuh? Killa Cam, H.O.T. Ones huuh? Flame thrower yeah yeah Uhh Niggas remind me of slappin a bunch of words Darkness swirls, it`s 20 niggas brushin curbs Got the blocks on off nigga cautious style Yeah you ho...

Insane Clown PosseTwiztidBlazeMyzery

  • Dumpin`

    (Jamie Madrox talking) Yea you got the album, now meet Bullet, Foe Foe, Cell Block, Full Clip And i`m Lil` Shank, diss` Psychopathic Rydas motha` fucka` (Blaze) Cut`em all out when ya bust is found Pop, pop, biggity bop, that be the sound Low down wi...

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