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Promatic f Eminem, Swifty McVay

  • Serious

    [Intro] Here it is, there it is ladies and gentlemen We got one more act [Bakarat] Yeah, y`all gone like this one [Jus] Tell em about it, Backarat This yo man J-U-S and this track called Serious Promatic featuring Eminem and Swift [Eminem] What`s up...


  • Anclado En Mi Corazуn

    Poco a poco te metiste en mi vida
    Alumbrando como antorcha encendida
    Como flecha te clavaste en mi carne
    Te volviste imprescindible como en aire
    Te acercaste con sonrisa inocente
    Como un niсo que precisa algo urgent...

Lil` Kim f Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy

  • Queen Bitch Pt. II

    [Puff Daddy] Yeah, uh Yeah, uh-uh, uh-uh Beotch! Come on, yeah Uh, uh He-he y`all ain`t ready Come on now, turn me up a little bit Every thing you heard Yo that`s my word You play the herd And repeat every word It get on your nerves To see how we swer...

Владимир Трифонов

  • Песня Толстых

    Владимир Трифонов

    Худоба да нищета - вечное проклятие,

    Толстый - сама доброта, это ли не счастье?

    А худые - люди злые, словно псы голодные,

    Только толстые от зла почти ...

Graham Parker

  • (Too late) the smart bomb

    This one reminds me of the (later) Everybody`s hand is on the switch.

    The chords when they arrive are

    G C D G C D G (three times, then)

    G C D G C D G ...

Jamal f George Clinton, Passion

  • Unfuckwittable

    Erotic E Intro: One time for your motherfuckin mind yeah this is Erotic in the house with my nigga Jamal My nigga Calif Passion in the motherfuckin house The unfuckwittable individuals, that`s us That`s it with this laid back shit They about to rip and...


  • Allн estarй

    No puedo saber que llorбs
    y quedarme tranquilo
    їHay algo que pueda hacer?
    sуlo escrнbelo y allн estarй

    Dame un lugar
    dйjame sуlo acariciarte
    si no sabes ya quй hacer
    No te asustes


  • Vamos A Darnos Tiempo

    Que dificil es
    Cuando las cosas no van bien
    Tu no estas feliz
    Y eso me pasa a mi tambien
    Por que hemos perdido la frescura del amor
    Y el respeto por los dos
    Discutiendo a cada instante sin razon

Opio f Del the Funky Homosapien

  • What`s Wrong with This Picture

    {*scratched 8X: can I ask you somethin*} [Opio] So easy to regurgitate the trash that they feedin ya Pervertin and distortin the truth through the mass media (uh-huh) Greedy addicts, who see me as savage Reverse psychology, I don`t swallow easily Just...

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