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Cam`Ron f Charli Baltimore

  • Confessions of Fire

    [Man] A-yo Cam [Cam`Ron] Yo [Man] Yo I know you knocked Charli off [Cam`Ron] No I did not man [Man] Yo stop lying [Cam`Ron] Word to my mother, I did not hit that man [Man] A-yo I`m your dog duke you can tell me [Cam`Ron] Nigga I would tell you if I did...


  • 40 Oz

    [Intro - Kuniva] (background "WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!") Yeah nigga! It`s D12 up in this motherfucker! You know how we get nigga we wild in the club Motherfuckers, everybody get crunk in Detroit too nigga! So wile the fuck out!...

Mario Venuti

  • Fortuna

    Nato danzando sulnaso del mondo Fortuna inventa la bellezza nell`abbraccio delle sue tante famiglie madri e sorelle che si curano di lui e sguardi di sirene che riposano negli angoli di casa sua Questo ragazzo di quarant`anni ha amato un uomo e p...

Nas f Jadakiss, Ludacris

  • Made You Look (Remix)

    [Intro: Jadakiss] I need it from the top, AHHH! This is history baby Commissioner Steve Stoute, Lenny - ha! God`s Son, whattup? D-Block, whattup? Bravehearts, whattup? Yeah Yeah, yo [Verse One: Jadakiss] Yo ain`t nothin but trouble God When I kick in...

Snoop Dogg

  • (O.J.) Wake Up


    [Snoop] Yeah man, this shit here gonna be bigger than the O.J. case
    [Tray Deee] What?
    [Snoop] His dick
    [Tray Deee] Another blast from the Long Beach section
    Break gangsta shit (Wake up...

Timbaland and Magoo f Sebastin, Sin, Tro

  • Beat Club

    [Timbaland] BEAT CLUB! Untitled, uhh uhh, uhh - YES Uhh uhh, uhh, YES, uhh uhh Uhh uhh Timbaland, uhh, uhh uhh Uhh, uhh uhh - YES, uhh One, two, three, here we go! [Troy Mitchell] Yo, who wanna wreck you with the iller thug, super killer thug You know...

Black Rob f G-Dep, Marc Curry, Mase, Puf

  • Down the Line Joint

    Verse One: Puffy When night falls, that`s when it all begins Be prepared we can allow no loose ends I highly recommend ya`ll bring your arms This is no false alarm They want to do us harm Like I`m nervous, live inside a glass house They want to bring u...

Common f Mylik Yusef

  • My City

    This the city of Chicago The state of confusion The style I`m using is free Or at least it would be if my mind was Peep I`m behind cause I didn`t handle my function while in high school Although I was cool The hood I live in ain`t that proper Cause a ...

Dead Prez

  • Animal in Man

    *Two Guys Talking* (Guy 1) Help me! (Guy 2) You want me to help you? Man is evil, capable of nothing but destruction (Narrator) Once upon a time There was a very serious situation growing There was a farmer and a farmyard filled with animals And thi...

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