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Mr. Serv-On f Blackwater

  • Believe Me

    [Mr. Serv-On] Don`t play yourself, you know who this is, Lifetime Records ya heard S-E-R-V, I got my Blackwater homies in here, yo tell `em how the world block [Chorus 2X: Mr.


  • the mushroom man

    Song: The Mushroom Man! Artist:DazeD Album:Bumpin PA Tabbed By: Carter(PyRo-TaNk) (FieldySnuts40@hotmail.com) This Song is done in normal tunning (E,A,D,G) Intro G|-h11-h11-h11-h11-h12-h10-------------------| D|--------------------------------------...

Big Ed f TC

  • Me & U

    [Big Ed] I guess it`s true what they say, opposites attract You won seven diplomas and placks, and I was pulling jacks Never knew our two worlds would collide Go inside, to see my future in front my very eyes You walk that walk, talk that talk But witn...

Marc Live f Sinistre

  • Bellevue

    * please send corrections for the French [35 second intro - unknown voice speaking in French + more] [Marc Live] The club is crazy, the bar is bananas (uhh) The floor is danger, the bottles are magnum (say what?) The girls are naked, the models are d...

Борис Гордон

  • Августовские звезды...

    Борис Гордон

    Августовские звезды -

    Светлые пятна на бархате черном

    Появляясь на небе, означают начало конца

    Они плачут о лете

    уже почти обреченном


Ибрагим Имамалиев


  • A lost forgotten sad spirit

    The Fire in the Sky is Extinguished
    Blue Waters no Longer Cry
    The Dancing of Trees Has Stopped
    The Stream of Freshness from Cold Winds
    Exists no Longer
    The Rain Has Stopped to Drip
    From the Sky
    Still Dri...

Charly Garcia

  • Alguien En El Mundo Piensa En Mi

    (Y talvez tu auto choco la otra manana,
    y recien extranaras a tu pequeno perro
    el dia de su cumpleanos...
    ...yo tengo un gato)

    Yo se que no soy culpable,
    yo se que ahora soy feliz,
    yo se que queria que ...

Real Big Fish

  • You Don`t Know

    well first of all i`d like to say fuck off
    if you don`t get it why dont` you
    go shove your head back up your ass
    and don`t waste my time
    i dont need your opinion
    cuz you don`t know what its like to be like me

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