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  • Cue Zebrak

    I`m sorry, Patty... It`s nothing against you. But, Patty... There`s something I should tell you. My door, My door, My door just does not, Swing that way.

Ledoux Chris

  • A Cowboy`s Just Got To Ride

    Well you mama finds it hard to understand, Why her lovin` son wants to be a rodeo man. And your daddy had a whole lotta great big plans for you, You hate to disappoint him but you gotta other things to do.


  • If I Could Fly

    Everybody is talking `bout a new way of living in this world Yes they do! I once found another way to satisfy my soul And I pray Can you hear: It`s better I get it.


  • Summer Night

    All I want is a summer night with you (3x) All summer long I`ve been watching you I seen you look my way This can`t be wrong cause I`ve seen you watch me to The time has come for me to say I wanna know where you learned to m...


  • 198d

    this is forgiven
    if the uniform fits
    at the first showing
    this is the tension mold
    of frozen icicles
    and it feels like it`s snowing
    you speak in tongues
    tremors that warn us of ourselves<...

She Moves

  • Come Back To Me

    I can`t believe that its true I just don`t know what to do If I could turn back the time To hold you again, again and again I wish I knew the way To make you stay (Chorus) Come back to me I can`t let you go YOu`re everything i a...


  • 1,000 Whispers

    4x If a picture`s worth a thousand words I`ll paint a thousand pictures If a picture`s worth a thousand words I`ll paint a thousand pictures To symbolize the decibel levels bred of a thousand whispers To mummify useless unknown poems spit a shower wit...

K-Maro ( and Corneille)

  • Le clan Chill

    Et qu`est ce que ça ferait si je me pose sur un instru plus relaxe
    On layback et on prend un verre tranquille
    Track suit et air max posé
    On discute plus de business, on oublie le fric, porto, cigare,
    belles dem...


  • Automaton

    Wheel in the sky sent me here from the future Keeps me under it`s spell Lying awake scan the things that surround me Sleeping city awaits Electric mind, silver circuits, Electrodes Never know who I am Father of children, the one s...

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