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  • may 8th

    May 8th 1998 CRACK Intro C G Am F C G Am Em --------------------------------------------------3--2--0-----0-3-0-3- -----1-----------------1-----1-----------------------------1--1---1--- -----------0-----2---2----------...

Gewesen Bin

  • Sillium

    Artist: Fünf Sterne Deluxe Song: Nirvana Album: Silliumich flash euch den kopf auf now come to the land of buddha with me eines abends war ich, das bo, auf`m weg in tobitob`s studio.

Rick Slick

  • Children`s Story

    Uncle Ricky, will you read us a bedtime story? Please, huh, please? Allright, you kids get to bed, I`ll get the storybook. Ya`ll Tucked in? Yeah Here we go...


  • Кара-кум

    Сто дней в пути был караван А впереди опять бархан Ещё бархан куда ни глянь Везде песок Дул ветер злой что было сил Палящий зной с ума сводил И каждый жил мечтой одной воды глоток Но бог был глух а ветер дул И был он сух как...

Matthew Good Band

  • 21st Century Living

    Fake lightning flahes over the skyline A deer in your headlights So gun it Were singing songs about 21st century living If hates in your heart man Youll take what youre given While we were hunting rabbits Buy in itll sh...


  • Adios

    Er legt die Nadel auf die Ader
    und bittet die Musik herein
    zwischen Hals und Unterarm
    die Melodie fДhrt leise ins Gebein

    Er hat die Augen zugemacht
    in seinem Blut tobt eine Schlacht
    ein Heer marschiert ...


  • Hardhearted Hannah

    Hardhearted Hannah, the vamp of Savannah,
    The meanest gal in town.
    Leather is tough, but Hannah`s heart is tougher;
    She`s a gal who loves to see men suffer!
    To tease `em and thrill `em, to torture and kill `em
    Is he...

crack in the sky

  • hot razors in my heart

    From: (Paul Riddle) Subject: TAB: Hot Razors in My Heart (Crack The Sky) Anyone else out there into Crack? This is a transcription of what was probably their biggest song, plus bass and keyboard lines, minus the solo, which I hav...

Rick Springfield

  • 1 x 2 x 3 x 4

    One time two times three times four Hey hey hey hey Twelve angry husbands knocking on my door Hey, hey, hey, hey Accusing me of having done Something that would make me run run run run Why don`t they sit and listen All t...

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