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Профессор Лебединский

  • Бегут года

    Ушел от нас последний день
    Как исчезает в полдень тень
    Любовь уходит с пожелтевшею листвой
    И расстаемся мы с тобой

    --RF-- Бегут года и грусть, печаль в твоих глазах
    А я не знаю что тебе сказать
    Найти сл...

Joe Cocker

  • Bye Bye Blackbird

    Pack up all my cares and woes Feeling low here I go Bye bye blackbird Where somebody waits for me Sugar sweet so is she Bye bye blackbird No one seems to love or understand me And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me ...


  • Big Hand For Annie

    Big hand for Annie she came when I was feeling misunderstood big hand for Annie she told me that she came as soon as she could.

Lil bow wow

  • Bounce With Me

    [JD](Lil Bow Wow)
    Uh-huh, yo
    (Oh, oh)
    Uh-huh, yo
    (Uh-huh, oh, oh)
    Uh-huh, yo
    (Bounce, bounce)
    See around here
    (Uh-huh, uh, huh-uh)
    I make things that make y`all bounce
    Ya know?

Ray Charles

  • A Fool For You

    I want to know

    Oh, what makes me be

    do you believe me child

    A fool for you

    Ohoh, no, I`m a fool for you

    I know you told me

    You didn`t want me `round


Владимир Асмолов

  • В кинозале темном

    В кинозале темном ты вздыхаешь томно Но поверь мне Тома, это все не секс. Нет еще не скоро, наша киношкола Будет в виде голом представлять прогресс Все от нас отстали в производстве стали Всех мы обогнали в чугунолитье Но в интимном виде, что не говори...


  • Answer To The Master

    you keep on running, been lonely for too long
    out on the boulevard, the hammer`s coming down
    you feel the pressure, the fire in the storm
    you need another way, a shelter from the war

    let me take you past the fears ...

St. James Rebecca

  • A Cold Heart Turns (1996)

    Power thunder, lightning bolts Rushing wind, a waterfall Babies` cry a mother`s tears, Humming river, rustling leaves CHORUS: He`s calling loud and clearly He`s saying Won`t you hear me? We see Him everywhere And still we roll on ...

Velvet Underground

  • After Hours

    (reed) One, two, three If you close the door The night could last forever Leave the sunshine out And say hello to never All the people are dancing And theyre having such fun I wish it could happen to me But if you c...

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