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Joan Jet and The Blackhearts

  • Chrimson And Clover

    Now I don`t hardly know her but I think I could love her Crimson and clover. I wish she`d come walking over and I`m waiting to show her Crimson and clover. - Over and over.

Keith Caputo

  • Razzberry Mockery

    Paralyzed in sensitivity I smoked a drink, humor is coming over me I sprung a leak on society Ignorance, it used to follow me Treachery and hypocrisy I figured out my crazy sexuality I`m not the way I used to be Cleanline...

Peter Rubin

  • Azzurro

    Wär`s doch das ganze Jahr lang Sommer Mit blauem Himmel und Sonnenschein Braucht` ich mich doch nicht so zu plagen Dann hätt` ich Freizeit bei dir zu sein Yes dann könnt` ich in aller Ruhe Und voll Erwartung auf dic...

Keith Green

  • Altar Call

    You know I cant explain to you Really how he does it But he proved himself to me in such a holy way Such a complete way That Id die for that faith and Id die for that believe Because it is more than a believe He lives in my ...

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

  • (I`m Gonna) Run Away

    (Joan Jett/Kenny Laguna) I can`t take it This is gettin` silly Can`t find me no tranquility Anymore, I just can`t get through to You We`re fakin` it, it`s time to admit it You make me feel like an idiot All the time, there...

misc comp games

  • age of empires

    This is just a little part of the backgroundmusic I came up whit: e-------0---------------0-----7--8--- b---1-3---3-1-0--1--1-3---3-1-8--10-- g-2-----------0--2------------------- d-2-----------0--2------------------- a-0-----------2--0----------------...


  • Darkman

    Refrain: Oh can you hear him comin` Is the darkman you better keep runnin` Always believe in what ever you say or do That`s the point that`s why I can`t say I love you I got more than a thousand problems on my mind I`m commin` fro...

BizMarkie, Chubb Rock, Prince Paul

  • No Rubber, No Backstage Pass

    Intro: BizMarkie C`mon Break it down Rarrraaaahahhhh!! What happened? C`mon!! What happened?? Ahhrrrahhh!! Rrrrah! Now we got me My man Chubb Rock over this Prince Paul beat Yo Chubb you start it off we gonna freak it C`mon Verse One: Chubb Rock H...

Biz Markie f Erick Sermon

  • Not a Freak

    [Biz Markie] In what? In stereo How long, until it`s time to go? Baby doll It`s the Biz Mar-kie, and the Def Squad! Oh see, we gotta do this again like this, check it out [Verse One: Biz Markie] You keep on knockin but you can`t come in-ah My way of...

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