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Diamond Rio

  • (i Will) Start All Over Again

    Will Jennings, Annie Roboff The lights of the city Look good when you`re leaving You don`t even count what you lost The streets and their madness Make my heart so sad ...

Clancy Sarah

  • Home And The Heartland

    From high in the sky Through the clouds and rain Every familiar field Seems like an old friend When every hand that you shake Is like a warm embrace Could only be one sweet place Home and the Heartland Sing out your songs and Ring...

The Nits

  • In The Dutch Mountains

    I was born in a valley of bricks Where the river runs high above the rooftops. I was waiting for the cars coming home late at night - From the Dutch mountains. I was standing in a valley of rock Up to my belly in an early fog.

The Nixons

  • Blackout

    Oh here you go Due on the stage for another marionette show Just when You thought you could fight this battle They moved the sunset strip To Seattle It`s like a Blackout in California And then somebody left the door open After 1...

Михаил Сипер, Василий Мешавкин

  • В одной компании однажды...

    Стихи Михаила Сипера

    Музыка Василия Мешавкина

    В одной компании однажды,

    Куда не приглашают дважды,

    Где пьют от превеликой жажды,

    Гитару в руки дали мне

Юрий Зозуля

  • Туман

    Юрий Зозуля

    Засвети свечу - я огня хочу,

    Головой к плечу чуть склонись;

    Огоньком свечи рядом помолчи:

    Этот свет в ночи - моя жизнь.

    ...Колокольный с...


  • Airport Song

    Glad you made it, welcome to the farm
    who`s you daddy im your daddy now
    come here seeking only what i need
    in your mind is where i`ll plant my seed,
    its for sure
    let me keep you in this place you`ll be

Clandestine Blaze

  • Chambers

    Living Flesh On The Row Heading Towards Certain Death Chambers Full Of Zyklon-B Ready For Mass Extermination Sheep Without Will To Fight Illusion Of Salvation They Have Submit To The Destiny Holocaust Of The Weak Gas Among The ...


  • Change

    It`s funny how I missed a life Funny how I missed a life Happy cause I don`t know why So I say to myself And I feel the change Begging my rage And I know it`s a part of our nature So hear my lecture Come over, come inside And le...

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