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Виктория Морозова

  • Обними

    Во сне И наяву К тебе иду Тобой живу По мне Нужно скучать Просто лежать Тихо стонать Забудь Былые дни Мы вновь одни Я все тебе Прощу К тебе лечу Все забываю и люблю Обними меня за плечи Подари мне этот вечер Пусть как мир он будет вечен Как луна За...

Любовь Хорева

  • Весна-фонарщица

    Любовь Хорева

    Заворожённые дома

    Стыдливо гасят окна.

    Фонарщица глупа...

Israel IZ Kamakawiwo`ole

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    OK this one`s for Gabby
    Ooooo oooooo ohoohohoo
    Ooooo ohooohoo oooohoo
    Ooooo ohoohooo oohoooo
    Oohooo oohoooho ooooho
    Ooooo oooooo oooooo
    Ooooo oooooo oooooo

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up ...

Mariah Carey feat. Ludacris, Da Brat

  • Loverboy Remix

    I got myself a lover
    Who loves what I like
    When he invites me over
    I come every time
    Oh my sugar daddy
    Takes me for a ride
    Wherever will we go
    It`s delivered in time

    He`s all mine
    And ...

Soul Asylum

  • Aint That Tough

    A sweet scent of discontent rising in the air You dont get old you just get passive and then you stand and stare Hey nobodys keeping you from stopping Like a bulb without a socket your finger triggers itching but you forgot to ...

mcdonough jason

  • if its over

    if its over written by: Jason McDonough basic chords are G, G/C, G and chorus is C, D, G, Gm, G/E verse 1 G you say you love me G/C thats not the way it is G you say you need me ...

Carter Carlene

  • Hallelujah In My Heart

    Oh lord, I stand before you A past I can`t deny A sinner from the old school Repent before you die I tried to run I tried to hide I tried so hard to stray But your love has found Its way around And grace has paved the way No more ...

mcentire reba

  • All This Time

    I remember the first time I held you all night long Well we`re still here now But where have all the years gone Holding you this way tonight It`s easy to see why Chorus: All this time We held on to each other We knew we had to be ...

The Browns

  • Beyond The Shadow

    Beyond the storm must come the rainbow Beyond the darkness the light must glow Beyond the shadow the sun will shine And someday your heart will be mine.

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