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Barosso and Russel

  • Brazil

    Brazil where hearts are entertaining June We stod beneath an amber moon And softly murmured Someday soon.

Barrett Dave

  • Broken Lamps

    Twenty-one, and single now She decorates my side Suffers from the oxygen, Sits at home and cries Knowing that she`s gone leave It`s just a question when. Broken lamps and turned up amps Here we go again.


  • (Too Much) Confusion

    All the counselors, in Blackpool With their poxy cars, can just fuck off You`re much too old, to persecute us Bet your sick about the local publicity huh? Thank you! Chorus: Too much confusion Too much confusion Too much confusi...

A.J. McLean

  • Lay down beside me

    Theres something about the way you moved that caught my eye
    I really did have to try it, yes, I can4t deny it
    girl when your body swings as i pass from behind
    you got me so excited yes
    I couldn4t fight it baby

Virgin Steele

  • A Cry In The Night

    A cry in the night I`m still hearing No my love is gone I must be dreaming Lost in the mist of passions strange Wiping the tears I recall the pain Of love and laughter, joy now slain When your world turns cold won`t you call my na...

Barrett Strong

  • Money (That`s What I Want)

    Money (That`s What I Want) Barrett Strong Anna Records #1111 (also released on Tamla 54027 & 54029 Pop Chart #23 Feb 1, 1960 Transcriber: The best things in life are free But you can give them to the b...

Barrington Levy

  • Prison Oval Rock

    Oooh, yeah
    Oooh, yeah
    What a cool an` deadly

    Some call it Spanish Town, ah` Prison Oval Rock (2x)
    Oooh, yeah (2x)
    What a cool an` deadly

    The people are skanking,
    while the daughters ...

Barrio Boyzz

  • Viviras Selena

    Era aquella rosa con fragantes del abril Una vida larga rodadantes de vivir Fue como paloma Que no alcanzo a volor Era aquella luz Que alumbro el camino de nuestra musica Es ella como un dia que no pudo amanacer Es ella como nina ...


  • Luz

    Letra: Alejandro Ocampo Motta Msica y Arreglos: Julio Lizrraga Tu luz que da mi cuerpo no refleja ya tu amor, mis pasos se han perdido de los tuyos oh Seor.

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