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Throwing Muses

  • A Feeling

    I never could see anyone besides you believe it or not (probably not) a feeling sight scent sense sound touch taste you one time sight mind touch you a feeling


Bolton Michael

  • A Love So Beautiful

    (Jeff Lynne/Roy Orbison) The summer sun looked down On our love long ago But in my heart I feel The same old afterglow A love so beautiful In every way A love so beautiful We let it slip away We were too young to understand To eve...

Steele Bill

  • A Thousand Songs

    A THOUSAND SONGS Copyright (c) 1969 Whitfeld Music (BMI) All rights reserved Bill Steele by Bill Steele I woke up smelling bacon with a pinecone in my side I stuck my head out in the morning sun There was one gu...

Keith Sweat f Snoop Dogg

  • Come and Get With Me

    (Snoop) Yo Keith Sweat and Snoop D-O-double-G Real players , doing this V-I-P Ya feel me ? So all the ladies that wanna get wit us Ya got to be special V-I-P , come get with me Um Goodness grief it`s Snoop and Keith Sweat , a double dose of this tripl...

Steeleye Span

  • Alison Gross

    (traditional) Alison Gross that lives in yon tower The ugliest witch in the North Country Has trysted me one day up to her bower And many a fair speech she made to me She stroked my head and she combed my hair She set me down soft...

Boltz Ray

  • Break The Yoke

    Standing up on the outside, Falling down within, Looking righteous as a pharisee, Filled with guilt and sin, Trying to walk with Jesus the strait and narrow road, Holding on to this world, I just could not let go, That`s such a he...

Bomben Auf Monte Carlo

  • Das Ist Die Liebe Der Matrosen

    A-HOI! Die Welt ist schön und muss sich immer dreh`n da woll`n wir `mal ein Ding dreh`n! Jawohl Herr Kapitän! Jawohl Herr Kapitän! Was nützt uns sonst die Kraft? Blut ist kein Himbeersaft! Die Sache wird scho...

KRS-One f Joe

  • Come to Da Party

    [KRS] One, two, three.. [Joe] Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is fightin So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance To pull out the vinyl so they fired up, up and away [KRS-One] Yeah, yeah Hardcore lyric comin at y...

Cw Band And The Band

  • Aea Tah Cheio Dos Podre?

    Ta ligado mermao
    nesse lance tri da massa
    parece ke nao sei
    ae chega e fasz rchch
    Ae um treco torto
    veio cheio dos rols
    ae koando dice rchch
    os treco podre fico rols
    Ae se o rchch eh ...

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