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Paulwall and Chamillionaire

  • N Luv Wit My Money

    [Chorus: Chamillionaire] Big Swangaz and Vouges Them 20 inches sittin low We Ball 24`s 7`s all that we know Screens and neon lights gon show When my trunk unlock pop and show Ya already know Paint drippin off the door Not ...

BlackSTREET f Sauce Money

  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend (Swizz Beats Remix)

    Hello, can I can see you tonight? [Teddy] Naw, my girlfriend loves me I know she does Whoa, ha ha Oh you provide the mil So I shut up my grill Don`t speak on none of that shit that I hear You ain`t dealing with no silly chick Who keep it hush-hush Ca...

captain tractor

  • 1000 Goodbyes

    I`ve spent all my life just carrying on And for every right thing I`ve done ten have been wrong It`s not that I`m bragging for the sake of a song But life looks much better in perspective And your eyes look at me from near and fro...

DJ Honda f GangStarr

  • DJ Honda

    Intro: Yeah from New York to Japan my plan will slam. Holding my own up in this piece. DJ Premier and of coarse DJ Honda. Jazzy Jay in the house. Check it out. It`s goin` on right here, internation type vibe, check the moves kid.


  • A Little More Time on You

    Written by sturken/rogers Yeah.... Oh yes Ohhh..yeah.. Can this be true? Tell me, can this be real? How can I put into words what I feel? My life was complete I thought I was whole Why do I feel like Im losing cont...

Pausini Laura

  • Amores Extraos

    Ya saba que no llegara, ya saba que era una mentira, cuanto tiempo que por l perd, que promesa rota sin cumplir. Son amores problemticos, como t, como yo.

Shaquille O`Neal w RZA, Method Man

  • No Hooks

    RZA: Spectacular cardiovascular attacker! Shaq`s on the track with the blackular, Puzzler! Rugged slugger, 40 oz guzzler, Gold nugget fangs punch holes inside your jugular Veins... do it quick, before your brain get drained...

capuro sergio

  • bimba se sapessi | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    by Maurizio Codogno (mau@beatles.cselt.stet.it) {title: Bimba se sapessi} {subtitle: Sergio Caputo} {define: D7/C base-fret 0 frets x 3 0 2 3 2} (gli accordi non sono questi, ma vi somigliano un po` :-) originariamente in Fa [D][Do][Em][A7] [D][Do][E...

Doctor Dre and Ed Lover f King Just, Tod

  • Back Up Off Me!

    Intro: Mark the 45 King, Ed Lover Who`s the man (yea, yea) Who`s the man (check this out) Who`s the man (four niggas) Who`s the man (four distinct styles) Who`s the man (once more East Coast) Who`s the man (shit) Who`s the man (y`all feeling this out ...

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