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Владимир Кузьмин

  • 7 морей

    Напои меня зелием своим. Напои меня зелием своим. И печаль растает словноь дым. Если я не пьян, как-то все не так, Если я не пьян, как-то все не так. Без слепой надежды жизнь - пустяк.

Дмитрий Бикчентаев, Булат Окуджава

  • Первое послевоенное танго

    Стихи Б.Окуджавы

    Музыка Д.Бикчентаева

    Восславив тяготы любви и свои слабости,

    слетались девочки в наш двор, как пчёлы в августе;

    и совершалось наших душ тогда мужани...

Amanda Ghost

  • A Child Believes

    "a child believes" is about her father I dont remember when I got cold It was when he would lay into me Told that your worthless from five years old Is it part of your destiny Hes standing next to me I cannot bre...

Dr. Sohmer

  • Mädchen

    Vergisst Sybille mal die Pille,
    wird empfänglich ihre Rille.
    Dein Embryo hat keine Chance
    der Doktor kratzt ihn wieder raus.

    Evi ist nicht mehr ganz frisch,
    ihr Mäuschen stinkt nach totem Fisch.


  • 13th Floor/growing Old

    [Intro: Big Rube] Conceive true deception multiplied a million fold Visualize the yin and yang in a battle so intense that we get em confused The resident evil specialize in misconstruing We wanna be at a presidential level -- what are we doing? Fooli...


  • Banditos

    Just how far down do you want to go
    We can talk it out over a cup of joe
    And you can look deep in my eyes
    Like I was a super-model
    Uh huh

    It`s just you and me baby
    No one else we can trust

Bangles, The

  • All About You

    You were so amused when I made myself available You had to ask if it was all intentional Well something`s going on, on and on Something`s going on, going on and on I`m finding out all about you The sun is hiding and the car is running badly I know on...


  • 318 Hot Girl

    What`s up Juvey? You remember me? I saw you in the club last night and uh... You told me girl you look good won`t you back that ass up? But what I wanna know from you is Juvey...

D-Gotti, D-Reck, E.S.G., Noke D, Nutty B

  • Shake It

    [Hook: E.S.G.] Like this and that, like this and that Girl you looking good, won`t you shake it from the back Like this and that, like this and that Southside be holding, Wreckshop on the map Like this and that, like this and that All my playas in the ...

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