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  • Cambaral

    De este lugar cuentan leyendas e historias y juran que asГ­ ocurrieron. Siglos atrГЎs, las tropas del rey en sangrienta batalla a un joven de muerte hirieron.

Lion`s Share

  • Don`t Come Easy

    You know my love don`t come easy i don`t always see things clear some days laughter some days crying sometimes it feels all wrong But i know we can`t hide away from our love we still feel the same You know we don`t mean it what`...

Dead Youth

  • Beyond Recognition

    Burn-Alive Ignite-Die I Have A Hobby-And My Hobby is Death Incinerating flesh-till there`s none left I Want to Hear-Your last cries I Need to Be-the Reason You`ll Die (flesh) Melting- (flesh) Burning Power turned to trash Scream...

The Doobie Brothers

  • 8th Avenue Shuffle

    Hey, hey, honey, what`s on your mind Well, you said that sleepin` with a poor band`s not your style Ain`t that just a little unkind Hey, Marlon Brando, what would you do in a spot like this I don`t play as your pawn tonight Doin` ...

Now That`s What I Call Music!

Hi-Tek f DCQ, Talib Kweli

  • Get Back Pt. II

    [Talib Kweli] Clear the area, stand back, nothin to see here Keep it movin (I need the area clear) Get back, stand back, back Get back (we gon` have to clear all this stuff) Get back, back, get back [DCQ] With Reflection Eternal That`s the name don`t ...


  • Beat Boy

    The siren screams to start the day You get up early to earn your pay Push the button throw that switch Turbines roar their unholy pitch I listen I can hear Pounding like thunder Pistons push the steel on steel Steam filled air tur...

Deadboy And The Elephantmen

  • Deadboy And The Elephantmen Theme Song

    Yesterday is a corpse that you know don`t ya? tomorrow knows this to be so revelation at the peep show sweatin vision like a mojo a little rock n roll in stereo everybody sang deadboy and the elephantmen deadboy and the elephantme...

Sick Of Change

  • Can You See Me

    Sharing What`s On My Heart Has Put Much Pressure On Me Because Every Thought I Write Down Is A Part Of Me The World Will See What A Responsibility, Helping God Change Lives At The Age Of Seventeen Will My Words Help The Pain? God...

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