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Montell Jordan f Lil` Bo Peep

  • Body Ah

    1 - Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Ooh, there`s something sexy About the way that dress is wearing you tonight You`ve got my attention, girl, I...

Алексей Морозов

  • Бульварное кольцо

    Алексей Морозов

    Тяжело бежать мальцу

    По бульварному Кольцу...

    Воробьи, как оголтелые трещали

    Я не знал наверняка

    Их родного языка,

    Но, казалось, будт...

Jag Panzer

  • Black

    [lyrics by Harry Conklin] Born out of flames descending upon the earth The master of games for what they are worth One with the darkness, one with my soul Black is all power, black is control It is my control Black is the m...

Raf and Tozzi

  • Gente Di Mare

    a noi che siamo gente di pianura navigatori esperti di citt il mare ci fa sempre un po paura per quellidea di troppa libert.

Black Crowes, The

  • A Conspiracy

    Did you ever hear
    The one about last year
    It was all a lie
    Ain`t it funny how the time flies
    What we gonna do baby
    What is left for us to prove
    I`ve never stolen nothing, not a thing
    Tried to stay away f...

Compton`s Wanted Most

  • Driveby Miss Daisy

    Picture a nigga on the warpath, And he`ll spread terror through the city and leave a trail of blood baths. And to those that know, he`s not a phony. But tonight he`ll get his vengence on the fool who killed his homey.

Main Source f The Brand New Heavies

  • Bonafied Funk

    Main Source forever, crews got to get more clever Whatever, just have your shit together Cause it`s `91, which means not a thing Cause for centuries we`ll make crews sing No matter what record label, we stay stable Pick up the album, we`re never on cab...


  • Cosa Rester Degli Anni 80

    Anni come giorni volati via brevi fotogrammi o treni in galleria un effetto serra che scioglie la felicit delle nostre voglie e dei nostri jeans che cosa rester.

Capone-N-Noreaga f Busta Rhymes, Iman T.

  • Driver`s Seat

    (Killer B, yeah, rest in peace, I`m sayin son Ain`t no room in this game for everybody, you know? But uh, we gon` do our thing baby, we gon` do our thing) [Iman T.H.U.G.] Yo, Iman T.H.U.G.

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