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Method Man and Redman f Ghostface, Stree

  • Blackout

    [Street Life] Yo yo, enta, enta, enta, enta yo It`s the synical, lyrical rap individual On my death bed I spit sick flows that`s critical I`m not a fan of this, I`m a mic vandalist Thug therapist, my clan`s too original My slang bang to wax, words that...

Chilly Tee

  • Get Off Mine

    (Grab the mic, plug it in and begin) --> KRS-One [ VERSE 1 ] Well, here`s another track, backtrack for a second I reckon I be breakin this, you can pump your fist I`m not a pacifist or a pugilist, more like a preservist Dopest on the present list I`m ...

Татьяна Шкодина

  • В краю, куда ушел мой друг...

    Татьяна Шкодина

    В краю, куда ушел мой друг,

    В холодном мире зазеркалья,

    Ничто не терпит привыканья,

    И вечность замыкает круг.

    Там слово время - звук...


  • Alone

    seems like nothings clear to me
    I cant find my mind to pacify

    countless millions dying alone
    countless millions dying

    alone with no signs of sadness, alone
    nobody sees the pain

    countless m...

Depeche Mode

  • A Pain That I`m Used To

    I’m not sure
    What I’m looking for anymore
    I just know
    That I’m harder to console
    I don’t see who I’m trying to be
    Instead of me
    But the key
    Is a question of control

    Can you say
    What yo...

Ill Nino

  • All I Ask For

    ‘Cause all that I ask for is turning to ashes
    When everything comes down
    There’s nothing to die for
    There’s nothing to die for

    ‘Cause I’m bearing my sins
    I’m a prisoner in waiting
    I’m drowning within

Tatyana Ali

  • Boy You Knock Me Out

    Uh, uh, uh Oh oh Oh each Baby From the moment that I saw you, babe All I think about is loving you Every time that you are near, I just cant help but stare Im dreamin of eternity with you, so maybe I can Run away with yo...

C-Murder f Keala

  • This or That

    (talking) Slang or rap, two sides to the story What side you gone choose, it`s on you ya dig It`s either (slang or rap) it`s either this or that But check it out [Chorus] It`s either this or that, now what you mean This or that, it`s either this or th...

DJ Jazzy Jeff f Freddie Foxxx

  • Scram

    [Intro] yo, now its time I want everybody to listen Come on Cause when I get on the mic and do my thing You need to listen Reach out and feel this Check it out [Verse 1] Rockin is a state of mind for niggaz who really do it Leavin suckaz behind and ca...

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