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deal kelly

  • fucking hostile

    Kelly Deal Fucking Hostile (Pantera cover) >From the Free the West Memphis 3 benifit album Go to www.wm3.org for more info on the case and how you can help.

Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers

  • Swing The Mood

    (samples from various songs) Come on everybody Come on everybody One-two-one-two One-one-one-one-one One, two, three o`clock, four o`clock rock Five, six, seven o`clock, eight o`clock rock Nine, ten, eleven o`clock, twelve o`clock...


  • (credits)

    2. Bite the Pain 4:26 3. Spirit Crusher 6:44 4. Story to Tell 5:32 5. The Flesh and the Power it Holds 8:24 6. Voice of the Soul 3:40 7. To Forgive 5:53 8. A Moment of Clarity 7:20 9.

J.j. Light

  • Heya

    Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey! Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey-a Hey! I was there when the little kids were doing there: Hey-a Hey-a Hey ! Dancing around in a circle doing their snake dance: He...

Elvis Presley

  • ( Let Me Be Your ) Teddy Bear

    Baby let me be,
    your lovin` Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck,
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    I don`t wanna be a tiger
    Cause tigers play too rough
    I don`t wanna be...


  • Algeria

    Escaping contamination Is a difficult operation I need some hibernation Hide me from the evil Protect me from the vultures The men and the women drink And make children They need some hibernation To hide them from the ev...

Shade Sheist f Nate Dogg

  • Wake Up

    [Shade Sheist] Yeah bitch Where go the blaze at? That`s right, yeah Ride with me, yeah Walk a block with me On the heist with me Represent with me Yo, ride with me Walk a block with me On the heist, with my heist with me Represent, yo [Nate Dogg] When...


  • Было и прошло

    Первые свиданья, Грёзы и цветы, Разочарованья, Слёзы и мечты. День твоих не слышит слов, А раздумий ночь. Кто-то ждёт свою любовь, А кто-то гонит прочь.

Ольга Макеева

  • Весеннее

    Слава богу, перезимовали,
    Пережили снег и холода.
    Зимние глубокие печали
    Подмывает талая вода.

    Сколько света, боже, сколько света
    За зиму скопилось в небесах !
    Скоро лето, скоро будет лето,

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