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The Sisters Of Mercy

  • A Rock And A Hard Place

    And she came to look for me Sold me name and innocence Took my key And told me to follow her Down from igor with her bangles and her reference One from the church from the valley of the Well she wanted a haven and a place to hide ...

Baby f TQ

  • Birdman

    [Baby] Hey Wassup pimp? Birdman motha fucker! [Baby] + (TQ) The financial adviser of this get money game It`s stunna the big money man So loosen up your strings cause you can get shot The Crystal absolute on the rocks (on the rocks) Ey nigga I gotta s...

DJ WhooKid f Juvenile, Q Da Kid, Red Caf

  • Bounce

    [Red Cafй] Y`all make that bitch bounce like we hittin` the switch or somethin` [Red Cafй w/ Juvenile harmonizing background] MOVE! Bounce, now r-I-I-I-ide MOVE! Bounce, now r-I-I-I-ide Wash dirty money, wash dirty money Wash dirty money, UTP Wash dir...


  • Game Over (Compilation)

    Chorus 2X: (second time in spanish) Mamita come check my steelo Come get with this latino We can take it fast or slow Whatever you have will be yours [S.U.] Mamita chula, you ever been with a Dominican Like me, under the tree I got a fettish for a Nub...

Terence Trent D`arby

  • "T.I.T.S."/"F&J"

    You lead a life inside of your mind
    That has nothing to do whatsoever with my time
    She stated very clear
    She made it very plain

    Your subplot world is so cavalier
    Yet you knew the tension inside the sweetness ...

Boogie Boys

  • A Fly Girl

    [Romeo JD] A fly girl is a girl who wants you to see Her name her game and her ability 2 gold teeth and cold cash money The guys are on her strap she tends to act funny She`s got Gazelle and a b-bag too Fly girl, I wanna be with you You`re not the pret...

Califa Thugs f Mr. Sancho

  • Be Rollin

    [Chorus: Mr. Sancho] Califa Thugs............. Califa Thugs be rollin rollin [Youngster] Dropped out with the double pump Comin at you with the Krazie Bone Gotta be the sickest little rapper With the rhymes and the bigger team Never question the way R...

DJ Desue f Diamond D, KC Da Rookee, Sada

  • Art of War

    * send corrections to the typist [Verse 1: Sadat X] The Art Of War, war like you never seen before Or, you can pick behind door three See me with my dozers, and Desue I guess you I bless you More or less Fuckin` with me, it`s more of this Similar to g...

Life In Your Way

  • Fall

    My voice fell at the word of yours in my heart My shallow ideas fall far before your feet To know all of these would be to know your hand But my frailty uncovers what I really am not what I mean to be Sear my heart to you and sear...

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